Universal Reading 12 August through 18 August 2019 Risk Seeing the Sacred

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

The Grail Knight; romance, illusion, seeking the sacred

Humanity will seek for the sacred till it is found. You cannot hold it in your hand and give it to another person. You have to desire it for yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to show you where it is. He will show you that it is you in God, where you have always been.

The illusion is what we see because we believe that the body is who we are. When we seek to recognize the spiritual component of ourselves and each other we are given a clearer understanding of who we are.

Romance. Ah, romance. Is it illusion or is it more real than we currently believe? I suspect that it is a part of the illusion that gives us a glimpse of what is real and sacred. A bit of our true selves, in fact. I will not elaborate because it is a stretch from where we are today, but I do have reasonable reason to suspect this may be the case from many sources. 😉

The Eagle; spirit, integrity, connection to the angelic realm

The eagle flies over the storm and so he is not caught up in it. To escape the illusion we live in we have to be willing to reach for a higher truth than our senses are able to give us. We must use all of our resources. We must trust ourselves and use our intuition. We must know our addicted and frightened inner voice from the voice of Spirit that guides us to truth one small step at a time. He will not take us faster than we are willing. He will not lead us into fear.

I do suspect there may be spirits that would lead us into fear if we gave them the opportunity but that is where integrity comes in. And a sincere heart that reaches for truth wherever it finds it and applies it in everyday life. You will be warned when danger is near so do not ignore those promptings, hunches, or warnings.

We are all in this together and there is more to life than the eye of humanity can see. One small step at a time with the guidance of the Holy Spirit will lead you safely where you want to go.

And YES, angels await your request for assistance and guidance. Sometimes they can step in. More often they wait for our invitation.

The Hawk; omens, messages

Are you mindful? Are you aware? Do you keep your eyes and ears open for inspiration, guidance, warnings? This is the second card to remind us to be alert.

Nature is willing to lend a hand to the divine to communicate with those who are caught in the illusion. There are many signs in nature. It will speak to you in any of its many forms if you will but listen.

The trees have always shared so much with me. Their falling leaves told me a new day would come. Their strength and sturdiness told me I could weather the storms. Their roots told me I was connected to a whole that was bigger than I understood. Did they say these things with words? Of course not. It was said through a sensing, a feeling.

Your witness may come from the waters or from stones, or clouds. Perhaps your pets or the wild animals in your neighborhood. Let your mind be free and listen with the heart of a child; innocent and open to believing.


There is risk in action, is there not? There is risk in “thinking outside the box”. What will others think or say? Yet, what is the risk of not acting? Atrophy is death. Of which there is no such thing in reality but we can convince ourselves that there is.

Being “in the moment” is a risk. Being “present”. Feeling what is going on inside of us right now. Knowing what we are thinking, is it my thoughts or someone else’s. Do I want that thought to be a part of me or can I just let it breeze right on by and claim only what I truly want to identify with?

Being aware of all our senses; touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing, sensing/intuition, that gut feeling, a sixth sense that opens up another world to us. Isn’t that what we want. A world that is safe and magical. A world that has abundance for all of its inhabitants. Will you take the risk?


You are not mistaken in the idea that there is something more to being than what you understand right now. Do not be afraid to ask questions and expand your view.

You have assistance. Ask for help from the divine in whatever terminology works for you. And do not forget to fly above the storm. Do not get caught in the web of human trauma, or pleasure for that matter. Know that there is one truth for all and only in backing up and looking at the bigger picture can we begin to see it.

You came here to act and action demands risk. Walk in faith. Not fear. You come from God/the Divine/All that IS. Your light of courage will bless the world. Even when it seems your world is crumbling. And just because you may be doing well, understand that we are One and if one of us suffer, we all do. Thank you for being here and taking the risk. You are loved.

I pray this serves to lift and strengthen you.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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