Some of the seemingly nicest people use this skill to shred those who share their space.

They do it because they have no sense of self and self-worthiness.

Niceness offends them.

Loving interactions only cause their own self-value to plummet,
because in their own minds they are not worthy of kindness or decency.

This is not true, of course, we are each from God (or Source or whatever you choose to call the all that IS), and worthy of respect and abundance.

Do not be talked out of your gut feeling when you hear a person who displays kindness toward others and their words are bitter and lacking compassion.

These things often begin with trauma in childhood where caregivers have their own issues or perhaps another child’s circumstances demand all the energies, so the child disappears into him/herself.

Do not make excuses or justify this from yourself or others.

You are loved.

Be careful when the words you hear feel:







Or always doing one better than anybody else or having a worse scenario.

Guard yourself when someone seems to want to steal your happiness. 

They need our prayers.

Not our tolerance.

It is as disrespectful as any other kind of attack.

Let us be respectful to each other, even if that means saying
“Your words hurt me and it is not just in my head, because you do not think you are doing it.”

We deserve to be in a safe place.
Know this and the words cannot harm you.

Thank you.
Debra Yvonne Simmons 1 June 2019

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