Abraham-Hicks Definition of Individualization (in my opinion)

Every one of you said, “I will go forth and I will carve out my individual and powerfully important impression of what would be an improvement and then I will punctuate it by aligning with my idea and allowing the evidence of it to actualize in my experience”.
*This may be the individualization being talked about, even as we are understanding that we are One Whole. Being true to our own understandings and desires.
*I consider Abraham (i.e. A.-H.) to be the receiver of the Covenant from the Old Testament. These are my thoughts after viewing the final words on the video from 2011, More Than You See. Abraham’s words in BOLD.
We would suffer if we could not do anything otherwise, but we’d be figuring out pretty quick how to relieve ourself of our own negative attention toward things that are a vibrational mismatch to the WHOLE that we have become.
*…a vibrational mismatch to the GOD/SOURCE/UNIVERSE/WHOLE that we have become.
Step three is your  work, the Art of Allowing
To all that you have become, not because it was assigned to you, but because once you identify it you cannot go back from it. You can’t expand to a new place and ever feel the satisfaction that is yours to feel unless you stay up to the new space that you have carved out.

*I think it takes practice to stay in our awareness of truth. We have developed habits of yielding to the ego chaos over our lifetime. As with any corrected behavior or new habit, it gets easier and smoother over time.

As always, we remain stubbornly and blissfully in your vortex.
*I really felt they are saying here by way of “your vortex” that we are one and that they are truly speaking to ONE, the ONE being CHRIST, The Whole Son of God, Every One of US. That resonates strongly for me because of my Universal Readings for the Christ Consciousness.
*The term “stubbornly” intrigues me. It suggests there are parts of the consciousness that would oppose their/his presence. And so it shall be until all understand and time is undone. Also, stubbornly suggests a choice, one we each have to and get to make. 
*As we come to recognize the Whole that we are we are able to bring LIGHT into the world by BEING in it and not succumbing to the traps of the ego/deceiver that are found in everyday existence.
*I suspect Abraham is saying that it is not our responsibility to save anyone. It is our responsibility to know who we are and be glad in it.
*This was a powerful understanding that I look forward to more fully awakening to. I pray it serves you, as well.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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