Universal Reading 3 February through 10

Universal Reading 3 February through 10

Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine, Read by Yvonne

6 The Lovers

“The card signals that a significant relationship is on your mind. It may be romantic in nature, or it may be an intimate but platonic relationship. Communication is key right now, and it’s important to develop trust within the relationship. You can safely share your feelings with someone close to you.”

“It’s also time to make an important decision about your life. The conclusions your reach now greatly influence your future, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Make sure your options are thoroughly considered and that you’re able to act on them.”

I had to do this in the quotes because I could not believe how fitting they seemed to be in the guidebook that comes with the cards. This reading is Universal. It is for all of the Christ Consciousness and one thing that is on the minds of the masses at the moment, at least in the western world is babies and relationships and what is our responsibility to them.

The fact that these abhorrent things are being brought to the surface of our awareness is not a bad thing. It is giving us opportunity to have open communication and make better decisions. We are creating our future and I am confident it will be in a positive direction.

The review is not just for relationships with others, but the relationship we have with the self, as well. Being alone is not a bad or difficult thing, if you have a good relationship with yourself. There is the other side of things too. I am thinking of mothers who did abort their children. They need to be understanding and forgiving of themselves, as the consciousness turns to give more reverence to life. If they experience turmoil over it.

This is Christ’s dream and there are many ways that he could bring harm to himself. Know that compassion and forgiveness starts in your own heart for you, no matter what. Then you are ready for a relationship if it presents itself or just fine if it does not. Life is to be enjoyed right where you are at. In life it is possible to feel closer to those who are in spirit than those who are here among us.

Six is the number of harmony also and it begins with me. In reality, as One Whole, it is impossible to be truly alone. This is what we are evolving toward re-awakening to.

Eight of Water

Eight is the number for infinity and motion. There is a desire to move on. Don’t you feel it? It seems to be everywhere. Water is emotion and there is a longing for something more meaningful emotionally and spiritually.

The status quo and following the Jones’ is not good enough today. Children are coming into the world with “minds of their own”. Knowing the path they want to follow and not willing to fit into square pegs anymore.

Along with this unrest may be feelings of burnout or emptiness. Remember, you are not your emotions. Let this pass, because it will, there is a better way coming forth. And if you cannot get out of the slump, do not beat yourself up about it. That may be the role that you agreed to play for Christ.

Do not lay claim to the circumstances of life good or bad to define who you are. You are Divine and important to the Whole. Develop “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” by listening to your intuition and following it. As you do, your confidence will grow.

Six of Water

Six = harmony and water is emotions. This card resonates even further into the emotional state, by going deeper into our histories. This may be personal histories, and it may mean looking at our history as a community, a country, or the human race. Romanticizing the past can cause difficulty in the present if those ways do not fit any more.

Childhood issues are huge here. This could be a reflection on the fact that we are going to need to look at the way that our children are being educated. How are they being prepared for the future that has lost its sense of continuation of the old ways?

Will humanity need to look at how to empower the individual instead of empowering a group or region? Suicide is up across all ages. Do we need to look at not only giving people a chance to have a life and immunizing them against disease, but also at giving them a supportive psychological start that is pro-active and supports life?

Remember the six, harmony will come, but emotions may be stirred up along the way. Do not let this bring fear. Let it bring hope and celebration.

Eight of Fire

Things get moving. Double action in the eight and the suit of Fire. This suggests a fast pace and that delays are a thing of the past. I love this statement that “many things are happening at once”. Life is being given its due on a massive level, perhaps not seen before in the history of humanity.

New frontiers, industry, technology, are taking a back seat in the psyche of humanity and we are looking at the issues that make us human and that bring us suffering. Bullying, labels, putting people into molds of one size fits all.

These thought processes will stir us up to action that brings a more fluid and healthy environment for all. Look out because it could seem rather dizzying.

“Stay grounded. Your messages are being received positively right now.” Could this not mean that the prayers and concerns of the ages are getting ready to bring humanity into a state of healing and awakening to who we really are?


Intimate relationships are being looked at for the health of all humanity. Discussions and contemplation is happening about real issues that matter to people on a day-to-day level. This is a good sign and relates not only to romance and couples. It includes the relationship that one has with oneself. Compassion and forgiveness bring joy, which allows love to be more fully recognized.

There is an unrest. No longer will, what has worked in the past, be adequate. Emotional and spiritual growth will follow as we open ourselves up to the discussion of what concerns us.

Unrest stirs up memories from our childhoods. The unrest may be stirring us up to look better at what we may be leaving for our children. There are a lot of baby-boomers who have a lot of influence energetically right now, in terms of what are we leaving for our children’s children. These stirrings need to see things clearly and acknowledge that what worked in the past may not be the best for their survival and ability to flourish.

All of this emotional work cannot help but stir up action in many places that may seem to be overwhelming in their abundance. Remember however that this overwhelm may be blessings in disguise set forth to bring about much-needed transition. Stay grounded by listening to your inner voice and remember you are not alone in all of this. Angels are working right along side of you. Call on them as some things they cannot do without your request.

I felt a lot of power in this reading. It seemed to just mirror what I see coming to the surface all over the internet and the world. I pray is serves and lifts your spirits.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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