The enemy is Christ. What! You have got to be kidding! He is the Savior of the world!!!

(Stayed tuned to this and future entries for greater insight to that opening statement!)

Yes, He is the Savior of the world, but not how we have been taught. Four years ago I started this entry. I thought since I have not been on it for 2 years because of the incredible growth journey that I have been on that I would clean up the drafts and see if my views had changed etc. And WOW, yes obviously they have changed.

Four years ago this is what I wrote:

The enemy is not man. The enemy is philosophies or ideas that at first seem very positive i. e. get all the people fed/GMO. The problem is that it does not ensure a healthy, long-lasting result. In the scriptures we are taught that there is an enemy and it is an enemy to all mankind. And it is not only one individual, he has a huge army of followers who do his bidding. I am speaking of the adversary, otherwise know as the devil or Satan, once known as Lucifer.

Modern media has made him nothing but a figment of our imagination or an excuse for our own misbehavior, “The Devil Made Me Do It” in, not so distant, sitcom history. The scriptures are clear that he lives and has freedom on earth to tempt mankind. His is thoughts and suggestions that lead us to behaviors that steal not only our freedom but very often the freedom of others.

*All the thoughts that come into our minds are not necessarily ours. There are old tapes from the composite of our primary caregivers when we were little and new thoughts of deviant or wrongful behaviors camouflaged in sophisticated, glittering. or titillating words and images that tempt us to consider them or at least let them sit in our minds and fester.

*This is similar to how the word of God grows within us. For we must partake or read the word of God and give it space in our minds to take root and grow. This will grow into life and freedom of choice. Whereas if we allow the adversary’s images and suggestions to do so, even though they seem so innocent, they can fester and fill us with lustful or self-hating and destructive thoughts that will lead to behaviors that will lead to spiritual death. Sometimes it can lead to physical death but that is not as common or even as eternally destructive as spiritual death.

*Finding ourselves at odds with individuals or even groups of humanity is not where we want to be. And I am talking about the heart here and the mind, because quite often if they know that we disagree with self destructive behaviors they will not choose to be in our company because we are a threat to their very lives. Do you see what I mean? If lust or greed or self destructive behavior has taken over their “will” it attaches itself so fiercely to the life core or center of the psyche that says that they are safe that they cannot allow anyone who is truly “free” nearby because it threatens their sense of safety.

*Like someone in a true cult they are dictated to by their addictions rather than by their ability to choose what is good and right and healthy for their growth. It is just as real to them and just as much a threat to their “lives” as if they were put under water and not allowed to breathe.

**This is where my faith in Christ becomes so important to me. Because I must remember him and his victory over death and all that is evil so that I can walk among mankind with their addictions and know that I can be of some use and that he will continue to work with them and with me for I am still very aware of my own addictive tendencies. The difference may be only that I have discovered my power through Christ to decline the addictions and live a life that I choose.

**I understand where it can seem that there is no choice really and in someways that is so. Because if Christ does not exist and laws do not exist, which means God does not exist then there is little reason for me to curtail my wants of the moment because this is all there is. But my heart and soul tell me that is the great lie. “This” time and existence, as we call it, is little more than a hologram in my mind. Only God is real at this point, even though we, in fact, are eternal beings. Christ is the great I Am in that”

Whew, that was a mouthful! and it would be the truth I still hold to if I had not discovered that there is more to the picture of the world than meets the natural eye.

I have had my mind opened to understand that Christ is indeed the Creator of this world. I am not speaking of a single being such as Jesus when I speak of Christ. I am speaking of the whole of Creation, each of Us being a significant part. Lucifer/Satan is a part as well. Lucifer means Light and how do we see light if not by the contrast of shadow. He is not the enemy we have thought Him to be. He, likewise remember, is a Creation of Christ. Each of us have the ability to be the Light or the Contrast that witnesses of the Light, or Christ, but remember it is He who is the Creator of this World and Beyond.

There is more to come about my discoveries as I enter these corrected (20, can you imagine, drafts). I am excited to share what I believe will be Consciousness changing discoveries!

First a couple more notes about this particular entry from four years ago. (Please note the asterisks in the paragraphs above.):

*I still believe that this is very true for those of us who live by our ego.

**I still believe that this is the best that one can do….from the ego’s perspective. The challenge and true sorrow of it is that it has the tendency to create a hierarchy that has us believe that we are different or higher/lower, worse than/better than each other. The truth is that we are all on the same plane as Creations of a/The God.

Till next time, love to all, God bless, and Namaste.




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