The failure to achieve goals should not be a deterrent for creating and pursuing them. To fail is only to integrate the witness of the power of God and that all things come through and by him.

Goals give us focus and focus is the beginning of developing the laser faith that allows all things to be.

Goals keep our eyes on ourselves and not on our fellow man.

It is none of our business what others think of us (and our goals).

To focus on our passions and that which stirs us gives hope to the meaning of life.

Goals can be a deterrent to the bitterness of the, seemingly, unevenly distributed wealth of all that is, creating the have and have-nots.

Goals can be a distraction from the temptation of pride of comparison and the idea that we have created our existence or our standing.

To be better today than I was yesterday with use of the tools that I have been given by God through his Spirit and by the power of the priesthood which is in Jesus Christ is the cause of my joy.

My daughter gave me this poem with a simple white feather one year for Christmas. It is created by Encore.

An Angel’s Touch…

Pursue Your Passion

A feather fell to earth today,

And nestled near my heart;

Its beauty was beyond compare,

Its words I now impart:

“When you pursue your fondest dream,

And give this goal your best,

The passion that has filled your heart

Becomes a lifelong test.”

“Though others may find fault with this, don’t let your passion wane;

When you stay true to your beliefs, you have the most to gain.”


The feather has a little charm attached that says “Go For It”

May we be true to that which burns inside us to be made manifest.

Happy New Year!


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