I re-read a statement in a book on leadership that I read a couple months ago. “When someone joins an organization, that organization’s values eventually take precedence over the individuals values.” I believe that this is why people are so afraid of organized religion and it is not found in the gospel of Jesus Christ…it may be found in the culture of the church for sure but it is not found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I can understand why organized religion would be so threatening to people. This is why it is so important to study the doctrine and teachings of the church to understand what the correct principles are that are taught. And it is important to understand that you are there for a relationship to God first, yourself second, and other people second.

A true religion would invite you to find out what your true values are. That is different, hugely different than having your values modified by the organization. And this is what the gospel of Jesus Christ does and why it gives you freedom because it takes you to a place where those things that cannot be seen with human eyes can be seen with spiritual eyes and lets you see the truth and it is the truth that sets you free! 🙂

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