The Battle for Freedom is the Battle for the Right to Believe, to Exercise Faith As We See Fit

The battle for freedom is the battle for the right to believe. The right to exercise faith in truth or in falsehood, In that which brings growth, light, and life to intellect, spirit, and/or body or that which brings dead ends, darkness, and ultimately death to intellect, spirit, and/or body.

Mankind lives by faith, the right to personal leadership if you will, the ability to guide our own destiny be it into life and growth or into death and dead ends (this was known in another age as damnation). The battle for freedom is the battle for the right to testify of the power of God and that means telling our own story so that others may gain confidence and inspiration from it.

Our personal story, even those things that we may be ashamed of may need to come to light, not to discourage others but to lift them. Oh, true, there will be those who will use our personal story to feed their lustful nature and make excuses for wrong behavior and thoughts and justify wrong doing because just as with any mighty tool mankind may choose to use it for righteousness or for wickedness. They may throw sticks and stones and they may even hurt us but that cannot stop us from the pursuit of the mission and concept of freedom.

When we can say “I was there and I got here and I feel better and at peace” others may be able to take hope and continue their journey and struggle as well. To simply pull ourselves out of the quicksand and wash ourselves off and then go say keep on going to those still in the quicksand as if we had never been there is not as powerful as if they knew that we had once been there as well and we made it out of the quicksand!

The battle for freedom is the battle for personal leadership, personal choice, accountability, and then stewardship. Gone are the days when we had the liberty to rely on the leadership of others. We must take accountability for our choices and our path on a very personal level. It really has always been that way. Mankind was not created to be dictated to or governed by any form of government than self-governing. To teach one another is a given and once we understand, by personal desire and struggle to do so, we may share that knowledge and wisdom with others. I believe this is the only kind of environment that would allow the people to be prepared and ready for the Lord’s return, which I firmly believe in.

With the right to personal leadership comes the right and responsibility to testify, not just that Jesus is the Christ, for the adversary would gladly do that, but in the sharing of our personal story of challenge and struggle we may be a catalyst or a light for someone else to see their way onto the straight and narrow path that leads to our redemption which is by the atonement of Jesus Christ. We may be the light as we reflect the principles taught by Jesus Christ, a light that allows them to travel through their challenges or their “circumstance” with an understanding that the “circumstance” is only that.

In all these words I am not sure that the witness is coming forth that I received as I woke in the wee hours of this morning, that faith is the privilege of all man. That is all he truly has. He has no absolute knowledge at this time (even though he likes to think so in so many arts and fields) and that is the way it is supposed to be here in this sphere. Every absolute of humanity, including gravity, has its moments or potential of being false.

Freedom must be upheld for mankind to choose for themselves what they put faith in.  This is the battle that must be upheld by all righteous governments. The laws of the land will not determine the destiny of a nation or world. The hearts and inclinations of the people will. It is the individual that will raise or destroy mankind and this is a reality that has truly always been regardless of the way history has been recorded. Those who are adults need to be honest about who we are and get out of the cloak of mystery. Only then can we truly testify of the need of God in our lives. Personal leadership leads to truth or leads to err and we will someday all come to that understanding as we stand before the one who has the right to remove all blinders so that we may see absolute truth and know we chose all along. Ours is the battle to remove those blinders by choice and by struggle today and choose our way and in so doing have the potential to develop muscles that take us into eternal life and the responsibilities and opportunities we will find there.

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