Recognition of Our Vulnerability and Complete Reliance On God

Freedom requires recognition of our vulnerability and complete reliance on God.

This is intrinsic in the reality of all truth for only God is truth and only in God may truth be found. In fact, complete freedom requires that one recognize that the only thing that exists is God, once we understand that we will walk with God even as Jesus did. We will be one with God; they will dwell in us and we in them.

Freedom is the ability to choose your direction and your destiny. Literally it means the ability to be in line with God’s will. This is where true freedom lies, as Christ lived and taught so well.

Choosing the way of the adversary, or “my way” which is the same thing, is not freedom. It is a falsehood, a false hope, a false life, a dead end, an illusion created by the mortal body and intellect that defies the immortal spirit within each of us and rejects and denies our potential and our divine inheritance if we allow it to grow and consume us.  This is often encouraged or fed by fear or manipulation of those who know where they are leading you. And yes, I believe that there are those who have chosen the path of the adversary and know it and they lead others into his ways sometimes with outright wrongful presentation and sometimes with the look of all things good. These were spoken of by Christ as the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The ability to choose, to follow the teachings of Christ, is the freedom that we have in this life. Because it aligns us with the love of God and under that  love we have the capacity to reach our full potential.

The armor of God is our only true defense against the adversary and his henchmen. The helmet of salvation – knowing the gospel and plan of salvation that God has given us. The breastplate of righteousness – having his laws written on our hearts so much so that they are manifest in our actions. The shield of faith – living by the word of God which buffers and protects us from the darts of the adversary. The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God – which defines and clarifies truth from lies and half truths. Having your reproductive parts wrapped with the understanding of the purpose and plan of procreation. Having on your feet an attitude of preparation for peace, meaning that you do not look to harm your fellow man but to lead them into the light of Christ and the freedom and hope that you have found there. (See Ephesians 6)

And being armed properly we want to pray always that we will be able to stand as witnesses of Jesus Christ and of truth and the love of Heavenly Father for all his children, wherever they may be.

This is where power lies. This is where freedom lies. And we find it in and through the name of Jesus Christ. He alone has mended the lines that connect us with God, our eternal father, in whose likeness we are made, in whose path we, too, may progress eternally.

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