What Others Think of Me is None of My Business

When it comes to being free when do you decide to be real? And what about the fact that we are social people? In other words we are not just one person, or even two people, we are several people and we need to be nice and not get into other people’s business or allow our feelings to be shown so that we do not expose other people’s business right?!!! Well, I believe, that freedom includes risk. Actually a great deal of it, cautious risk but risk. Just like walking across the street we could be hit by a car, so with speaking or writing you never know when someone is going to choose to knock you down. This happens everywhere to every age, sex, race, and any other demographic you want to come up with. We cannot let that cause us to give up or go inside ourselves and be self serving in a way that does not serve others. I personally believe that serving others is the best way to serve ourselves which would mean that we would be allowed to grow. Serving others, in other words, is the best way to serve yourself and to serve Heavenly Father. (To me this is the real SECRET, if you know what I mean.)

We can get held as hostages to family or societal protocol that is typically upheld to support the wicked and if it can be done in the name of “nice” so much the better. If we yield to this we will be bought by society and reap their reward. Sad end to this story is that they have no authority to give you anything of lasting value. Personal integrity will see you through so many things. It used to be said, “Don’t do anything that would make you ashamed to look in the mirror the next day about”. Nothing is worth lying to yourself or lying to God. I know that to get along in this world you need to “fudge” things now and again. You cannot speak your full mind or share your full heart but if you will find ways to do so little by little you will find that you will have opportunities to grow and learn about yourself and find your own voice and here is where freedom begins.

It is important to honor yourself and others. I know someone who says they are uncomfortable in my presence. Okay, I will honor this one and not be in their presence because to do so exposes me to cruelty, quite frankly. I did not understand this for years. I did not understand that I did not have to be subject to this anger nor to the abuse of the lies that have been told of me. These false accusations were believed because I come from a place of abuse and was willing to acknowledge it for the sake of growth and learning for myself. Because of the way society is set up I was judged without a jury and the consequences have been huge but mostly on the one who chose to find offense and those who chose to support this person and the next generation.

I cannot be accountable for what others think of me, nor can you. What others think of me is none of my business. What I think of me is and what God thinks of me is. If I am doing all I can to search the scriptures and listen to the still small voice of the Holy Ghost within me to know if their accusations fit or not and if their suggestions lead me on a path of light or into a trap of betrayal I am doing the best I can.

This applies to “keeping up with the Jone’s” as well or trying to please everyone.

I work hard at remembering that I am a child of God and that I need to give myself the space to make mistakes. The world does not allow this, whether you are a child, teen, parent, male, female, there is someone (and usually many someones) that will point at you and laugh or ridicule but you just want to be sure you please God and yourself by being honest with who you are one step at a time.

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