Take a look at the world around us. Nature shows us so many things about the reality that we live in as humans. Today I thought of the diversity of life upon the earth from huge to ultra-microscopic. Even the number of species upon the planet is not yet known to man. I believe humans may be as diverse and singular as this and more so. Each and every human being is a whole species of their own with their own language and identity. For us to lock society into a definition is rather presumptuous to me. Freedom for all must be the object if we are to have freedom for one. And to force each other to live by any particulars is contrary to freedom.

This having been said I do need to add that I feel a “chosen conformity” is the ultimate freedom. One in which a multitude of independent, individuals commit to unite under one head. Christ lived, taught, and died by this. For any man to determine this without consensus of the whole is not freedom but bondage. So ultimately, if true freedom where to be recognized it would need to be by witness of God, one God, and agreement that he defines the parameters by which man lives.

Christ, himself, is the only individual who has proven worthy to exercise authority to speak for God by his absolute obedience. This is why to study his teachings on the subject is the hope of mankind, I dare say, the only true hope of mankind.

I believe he will reign on earth again and personally govern the land and all of mankind under a reign of true freedom for all. I do not believe that all he will govern will accept him as Savior and allow his sacrifice to atone for their sins. I believe there may be many who desire to do it on their own. I am not one of them. I do not like pain and I have come to value what Jesus stands for and find his precepts and teachings to be what I want to live and teach and share with others.

I hope to spark a conversation about freedom and what it really is, as well as what it is not. Please add your comments. We want to have a discussion and not an argument or debate here. It is for the purpose of giving us something to think about.

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