Three Chapters Yet to Come

The last three chapters are demanding revision in “SAVING CHRIST; IT’S IN THE CARDS”. I thought they would be eliminated or shrunk to nothing and the Spirit has shown me that they must grow and incorporate that which for me is still so difficult to touch emotionally.

Not having stable house-keeping conditions does not lend itself to full creative space. There is an “on-guard” and “keep myself out of the way” energy that keeps me ever vigilant and cautious. This will be resolved soon and I will begin the process of acclimating to a new environment, but I will have my own space.

Feeling welcome among the people is easier for me among strangers than relatives even in the best of circumstances. At least now I know why, not only from my physical experiences on earth but from a spiritual level of understanding what we really are.

I sometimes have to pity my children and what I have brought them into. Thankfully, I know that they are a part of the army sent by God to deliver His Son and they now have the opportunity to do their part in the Sonship.

In the meantime, I have been guided to research NDE’s once again. Near Death Experiences allow me the opportunity to mine for the golden gems that give the vernacular, or language, to what Spirit is teaching me.

I am very excited about it. It is a work I absolutely love. I have found two separate metaphors to depict Christ as I understand him today in my research. These will be used in the final chapters of the book I am currently seeking to present.

Here is a sampling of my findings:

NDE Insights (1)

“Everything that happens is perfect because it accords perfectly with a cosmic order in which we all take part.” NDERF (4500 NDE 8530 S.E.)

This is a common theme and the message seems to be given to calm the ego in terms of guilt or lack. With it comes the sense that, 1 there is a reason for the whole of it and 2 that it has already concluded all chaos in the place of true existence.

From the same account:

“I carried the awareness that this All is one unique Energy which goes from a refined level and down through increasingly denser levels according the mental state which is having the experience.”

This reassures me that we truly are all one and that the mental state we are about is so much greater than the body.

This is an exciting work and I am grateful to be a part of it.


I know that fictacious and purposely false reports could be put into this vault of knowledge about near death experiences. Having spent four months reviewing over 600 accounts I have a sense of what “feels” real and what may not. All of it needs to be taken with a grain of salt and given to Spirit to bear witness of it’s truth. It is from this direction that proceed in good faith.

Till next time,

Namaste~ and God Bless Us Every One