Month: May 2022

Peace Is ONLY To Be Found Inside

Quite frankly, so is everything else really. The world is “idea” not form. There is no peace to be found in the world outside ourselves. Peace must be sought inside. Let the Divine Inner Voice be the judge of everything and it will decide you are only as you were created which could only be as Source is in perfection. This brings with it … Read More Peace Is ONLY To Be Found Inside

Birdbox Revisited (2nd Edition)

It is not all fairy dust and rainbows out there! NO, DUH! There was a time when I did not know the terror within which we currently exist. A time when I did not understand that the ego can do nothing of itself and the best that it can hope for is to chase a dream of chuckles, chance, or tragedy and end in … Read More Birdbox Revisited (2nd Edition)

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