Month: May 2021

Forgiveness Must Be Understood

It lifts us out of this society and into heaven’s presence. Forgive the original error, with gratitude, for all those who would join you in this forgiveness. The others who join you in this forgiveness enlarge the awareness of the divinity within and carry us to our ultimate awareness of Christ, God’s Son and all that is, which is what we ARE. The Universal Plan … Read More Forgiveness Must Be Understood

God Wants To Bless Us

Why do we keep refusing? Even in the hurricane there is a place of calm and joy. (Please allow me some personal “balancing time” before the reading. Thank you.) Well, I figured out why I have been so “loopy” and not on my game as a writer. It turns out I have been dealing with vertigo for over a year now. Having your body … Read More God Wants To Bless Us

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