Month: December 2020

Jesus Needs Us As Much As We Need Him

Forgiveness for the belief in Separation from God is something we all need. We All Have a Friend In Jesus Because He Lifts Us To the Father As We Do For Him If he had not believed in the separation he would be here among us. He may have even been the one who began it, hence, he is the “alpha and omega”, the … Read More Jesus Needs Us As Much As We Need Him

Reflections that Give Me Courage

It is time to recognize what cannot be seen! The body is only a tool for communicating the love of the Father to the Son and vice versa. When I receive anything from anyone I want to remember that it is coming from God whether it is a million bucks or a smile. Love and forgiveness are gifts that we all can open and … Read More Reflections that Give Me Courage

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