Final Chapter of SAVING CHRIST; ITS IN THE CARDS Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

We created you
Christ in fact created you.
Know Me!
How many more
avenging angels
will have to come
before we acknowledge
Who and What we are as
Creators of the world
In which we roam!?!?!

When will we stop worshiping death and that which rusts and decays and bare witness of God, of which we are a part? The ego claims the enemy is out there. It is our inner belief in trauma, discord, and murder that allow such things to occur. When will we have had our fill of self-hate and denial so that we may look to Him in each other and live?

Making this world “work” won’t work…this is a fictional world…we want to understand how this world came to be and exercise faith to lift ourselves out of it and into a new place. We need to give the world to Christ. Here we are exploring the mind and where it can go with directing the body. We might even delve into the realm of those without bodies any longer, but these are just another part of the illusion of separation. It does not reveal the core of what we are. Opening ourselves to other dimensions and out-of-body experiences maybe interesting and fun for some, yet it only exposes us to more of the illusion without giving us a true foundation.

Christ is the true foundation, which is what we are. The Son of God, of whom each of us as a different manifestation. God Lives! If we knew what that meant all suffering would end. Peace, prosperity, and joy would abound. Instead, we would rather believe in winning the lottery and that life sucks and is unfair. “Why should I believe in me? It is much easier to believe that others seek to attack me.” We choose to hold on to a beat up framework that says if I can just get a bit of luck I will be okay and if it does not come about it was someone else s’ doing anyway. We want to lift ourselves out of the lethargy and do what we have been inspired to do. Each of us! And to it without expectations.

As long as we insist on continuing the fabrication of this world and deny who we are we will see death and destruction. This is not who or what we are. We are the embodiment of The Son of God, and we have been commissioned by God, His Father to return His Son to Him by recognizing that this could not be the embodiment of God’s Love.

Let Me Be The Healing
(verse one)
Let me be the healing
Let me be the light
That shines the truth on creation
of its divinity in Christ.
(verse two)
Let me see the innocence
in everything that I see.
Let me acknowledge the
Appendage of me in thee.
(verse three)
Let me extend forgiveness into
Everything I see.

Before it even manifests
I would share my love with thee.

Even the Mormon church and its ordinances and endowment blessings are based on having a body. Granted we are not going to be removed from our dualistic or separated and divided appearance for some time, according to the linear understanding of mankind. However we are able to understand our circumstances and raise the emotional awareness and vibration of the world in which we live by understanding certain principles that have been taught throughout time and adding to it the understanding of our place as a psychotic extension of The Son of God. Herein lies our joy.

This awareness will allow us to deliver ourselves, and others, from the trap of separation that our Father, Christ, has thrust us into. Mormons taught us how to tend the physical body, as well as the needs of the masses. This is monumental in its importance. However, without acknowledging the truth about our association and presence in Christ, it will not fulfill its quantum good that could exist in the structure of an environment that allows each to grow and rise at our own chosen speed.

There is no reason why humanity cannot shine and be whole. Minus the self attack, self-destruction, self punishing hatred, shame, and guilt that was brought into the psyche or imagination. When we see and hear of devastating things, (which will continue to occur until all receive their place as Christ) whether they be natural or man made, they will have the ability to remind us we want to look with compassion on all involved, because they do not understand yet that there is only God’s Love and nothing else.

My greatest treasure has been and continues to be developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit that allows me to know when it is His voice. I have reached a point where I do as He suggests, whether I understand the logic behind it or not, because I know He only works for my good. Do not use this (“I followed the voices in my head.”) as an excuse to harm someone, including yourself. It is behavior like that that frightens people, so they cannot see the beauty of the gift of the Spirit. This is a relationship with Spirit that I am speaking of that guides me into greater good and wholeness and seeks to harm no one.

It is that still small voice that says, “You want to wear your boots today.” and if you do not you may find out why, such as 4 inches of snowfall. When you know that voice and honor it by listening to it, it becomes a steady and sure guide and you may get a message to take a different route home and never understand the accident that you missed by going a different way.

What would happen to the angst of racism if we approached one another this way? If we saw in each other the Christ that believes he has separated from God and gotten confused? How would that open the doors of our hearts and stop the spears of attack on our own peace of mind and consciousness? And perhaps we would allow those who have as their role with Christ to play the martyr without feeling impressed to force them to do what we see as best for them and then look down on them when they do not comply.

Separatism is what we teach today. To separate from those you do not agree with or who drain you etc. The gospel shows us that there is only God. So those who have no relationship with him and no compassion for others are of him as well. Christ could to be taught and the concept of Christ’s Conscience could to be understood so that we can help each other and teach of our divinity. We could teach compassion, tolerance, and acceptance, as well as the joy of sharing through service. Service is not a natural component of existence as a human being as the numbers of narcissistic individuals around the world attest.

If self-recrimination conceived this world, and we perpetuate the idea of self-mutilation and punishment there is no way out save through recognizing this is not real. What we consider gain through overcoming hardship is false joy because it is based on struggle.
We teach our children about the extreme struggles in life at a very early age. At eight my granddaughter said to me, “There is going to be a war! I feel bad for my cousin. He is fourteen and if they do not get enough people to fight he could be drafted.” Should she have to worry about such a thing?

We Forgot
You forgot, I know
I did too.
I will remember
it for you,
And so in forgiveness
I will walk this day.
For Christ, I am
And Christ I’ll be.
And you, my love,
Are a part of me.

Jesus said that the greatest deed ever was to give up your life for another. What if that “other” happened to be The Son of God? He also said that as long as we cling to this life we will lose it but if we cling to Christ we will have life everlasting. I believe that we are Christ and that as long as we seek to maintain what is right about this life or even to correct the wrongs, without recognizing that, we are being idol worshipers and dealing ourselves a very harmful existence in this sphere of time and illusion. I believe that we are in fact The Christ and there is only one being consisting of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. We must think as a whole and individually of the whole. Knowing that without a healthy one, there is none.

This will mean being willing to lay down our grudges and remembrances of errors of the past. By all means, let us remember them and clearly, while remembering that this is the delusion of The Christ Conscience that thought Himself separate from God. So we keep ourselves in a “safe” place emotionally and otherwise from those who we recognize as being here to destroy (which is all of us) as well as allowing our remembrance of the love we share and the nonsense of the idea that we can truly cause harm to another for this will only bring it upon ourselves in one form or another.

I no longer believe in the yin and yang of life outside of the illusion. I do not believe that God is of opposites. I am of God and where He is I am and desire to be. I believe that I can be there now, despite what my senses may be telling me. I do not believe that the creation of the son required a darkness to appear for the son to “be”. This understanding comes from a mother’s heart. There is no ill I would wish on my child. How could God be any different. I would want that child to grow and experience and even get a bruise or bump or two, but nothing more than that. I would and do rejoice in their experiencing.

His love is absolute, complete and unaware. Unaware because there is no place in God for suffering. That is a delusion created by the son at the thought of separation. I do not believe in the need of painful learning. There is a difference between falling down on the ice learning to skate and being run over by a truck. I do not believe in the latter. Is it all a matter of perception? Perhaps and yet, once each individual manifestation of Christ has had a chance to comprehend that he is Christ and that, like Christ, he is God.

My understanding is that, we will be transported by The Father of Christ into his complete fullness. What this may be or mean I do not have a witness of at this time. I look at it as his child and trust that a loving Father will give me that which is even more rewarding than what I presently have. I wonder if we are willing to trust God in that way or do we cling to our ego “knowledge” and claim right to our own lives and choices. The ego who feels we have failed God will hide, but we, as His Children, have no need to fear Him.

Here within the illusion I believe in the yin and yang very much. I believe in pain and sorrow. My heart is filled with compassion for the suffering of mankind. This is why I continue the fight, why I believe we continue the journey of life in this valley of death. For the opportunity to bring relief to the suffering, day by day and once and for all. We actually have greater power here than when we are spirit alone. The ability to focus is so much easier here in the flesh, as difficult it may seem at times.

The assistance that we are able to receive through faith (that will become knowledge through experience) in the unseen assistants that God, The Father of Christ, has put at our disposal is invaluable. This does not mean that we do not have, to ask for their help, nor does it mean that they have all the answers and are able to release us from our challenges. While they can drive a car when we cannot on our behalf or do any other so called miracle for us, they cannot alter the contract and agreement that we have with Christ and our fellow manifested and non-manifested companions.

While suicide is an action I will not put a judgment on, I believe we each chose to come here and that the struggles that we have are the very thing that allow us to enter the recesses of our minds that will allow us to find truth and keep us in focus, through holding on to the belief in love and joy one continues the search for it and resolution from all that takes us from it. This happened for me. (That is another story I am writing.) This is how I have found what I believe is truth. You do not have to believe as I do at this time, that is okay. I do know that as I share what I understand, greater understanding will come.

Meeting the day and its experiences with forgiveness because of the understanding that I have of our inability to grasp what is really going on with us at this time, as well as my witness that it is illusion helps me through so many things. I find the double standard that I carried for years of how I need to act versus how I am to forgive what others do because they have issues I do not know about has leveled out a great deal. I have found a level playing field finally.

Meditation is so helpful here, as is prayer. To be in a state of communion, where one is in the presence and awareness of the Spirit at all times is most helpful. He has helped me carry not only my pain, but the pain that I feel, as an empath, for my fellow human beings. Affirmations and the mirror work of Louis Hay is powerful in correcting the self talk. The use of words as well; such as, want to versus have to.

Life is not going to go as smoothly as it could. Situations and circumstances will arise that through us off. There will be much smoother sailing, however, once we understand who we really are to each other. And that Christ is the one that is confused and needs be at the core of our forgiveness and compassion. This is the level that allows His Father’s power to be most magnified in our lives.

When I think about a partner or romance at this time my heart longs for the freedom to explore nature, feel safe, and play as a child. I believe, for me, the one I wish to have a romance with the most is me. For truly, all that I see outside myself is only another version of the me I am within. I am speaking about real self-love between my higher self that is connected to the Christ Consciousness and my ego self that has been confused by the Christ Conscience.

A Romance
Let’s dance for just a while, my love.
And remember tenderly.
The joy of the creation
That manifests in you and me.
Let’s sing a song
And share a smile.
So all the world can see.
God’s love manifested here.
Just between you and me.

Me, Myself, and I
(verse one)
A walk in faith
is what I asked for,
not miracles…
Yet now I can see
in this world separation has made
Miracles are everywhere
As far as the eye can see.
(verse two)
Behind the sorrows of the mind,
Shadows that seem scary in the dark,
in the light of day
fade away
And Christ’s majesty is stark!
(verse three)
So share it now
I will with you
For naught else can I do.
The scales of darkness fall from my eyes
And reveal myself in you!

Ophra and those who she gives a platform to often see the world in a “them or us kind of status”, hence the Have’s and Have Not’s (no reference to the show). I do not think this serves mankind. I believe we must recognize challenges and correct them, just do not place them on the shoulders of people or you create the same monster from another point of view.

Concepts and misperceptions are what separate us. Bigotry and racism and the counter-part of whiplash-bigotry and whiplash-racism are attacks on people and not on issues. This is not understood by so many who recognize that harm has been done, injustice has ruled, and hearts and spirits have been crushed. They have not been crushed by people. They have been crushed by principles, attitudes, and misunderstanding. I beg of us all to seek an understanding of the difference.

We have many tools given us to us here as we travel through time and space. The reading of Angel Tarot Cards is only one of them. Listen with your heart and with your gut for the message and relief that they can bring you. Many modalities have a sort of breaking in time when trust is built.

Yes, it is trust in the illusion, yet this is the sphere we have been chosen for and have chosen to work in. In getting our cards read, people can be upset because they get what they already knew. This needs to be looked at as very affirming and is a testimony to the relationship that you have with your higher self and all the divine. Then you want to listen with your heart and your gut for that little bit more. Then you will have confidence to move forward because the trust has been established through the rendering of what you already knew and could confirm. Do not think you have the right to state the path for another as choice is always a part of the journey.

We all follow Christ because He is what we are made up of and what we are. At the same time we are the ambassadors of His Father, Source, God, The Universe, Allah, or whatever name you want to give the Great I Am, The Beginning and The End, The Alpha and Omega. Jehovah is Jesus, one of our individual selves, albeit the firstborn in spirit and perhaps, the most aware of our role to get one another back to the remembrance of who we truly are.

The Temple of Christ
(verse one)
The temples shining on the hill
Were everything to me!
For here was peace and teaching found.

While separation’s illusion
Kept me bound.
(verse two)
I grew to know
the Spirit’s Voice
and sought His guidance solely.
So He helped me see
that manifested creation
is Holy.
(verse three)
Death has no sting
so it cannot harm.
It only serves to be
the thing that rallies
all mankind
to think collectively.
(verse four)
Yet so much more
will mankind be
When he looks at you
And sees Only Me.
When He looks at You
And sees only Me.

So what will the news that we are The Christ do for us? It will put us all on the same playing field. It will allow us to quit the blame and One Up games that we play to give ourselves a logical reason to go on in the world. It will allow us to speak openly about what is okay and what is not okay in any given environment instead of having to walk on egg shells because we have to just let others be, or they might blow a cork or else we might hurt someone’s feelings.

I spotted this conversation online:
“A long time ago, I remember listening to a radio interview with the chief Rabbi Jonathan Sachs. And he was asked, “Why, if God exists, does he allow suffering in the world?” And his reply went something like this: If we understood why people were suffering, and their pain made sense to us, then perhaps we would not try to ease it, perhaps we would not try to help them. If we were given the reasons, would it take away from the simple and beautiful humanness of our effort? Would it affect our capacity to love and care for each other? I think it probably would.”

I do not agree with this. The statement he made betrays a mentality that suffering is justifiable if it is from God and this is the great inception of the Christ Conscience. Understanding that the pain in the world comes from Christ and not from God may give us a different perspective of our own pain, as well as that of others. It need not remove compassion and may, in fact, enhance compassion for those who feel justified in stepping over others or even hurting them if they are able to get away with it, as we see the Christ Conscience in them instead of a singular ego identity of Tom, Dick, or Jane.

If God Is, then the world as we know it is fabrication. There is no other alternative for me any longer. I would choose my non-existence over God’s any day. I would give up my being to know that He Is. I have and I do. This is giving up the ego illness or delusion that it is sinful or worthy of punishment. Jesus did not harp on the sins of the world. Mankind put that label on him. One especially, named Paul, who before his conversion, found it acceptable and an act of righteousness to kill another for their beliefs, which is, what he did to the early Christians. Jesus on the other hand spoke of our relationship and oneness with God and our dependence on and need for compassion for one another.

What would be such a horrible thing about considering yourself a part of the body of Christ or that which manifests the projections of Christ. We must see each other equally. I fear this is impossible as long as we retain Christ’s attitude of our being sinful. It is the seedbed for blame, envy, distrust.

We want to stop attacking other people, races, religions, individuals and address the real problem which is ego in me. I am my own worst enemy. I am my own attacker. Christ will take the fall for us, and he and we will be lifted up in the process. This is not on the Cross; it is on the truth that we are living an illusion based on his distress that he had left the presence of the Father and was unworthy of all that the Father has. We each must do it individually, as will each of Christ’s creations and all of its members, down to the very cells and neurons, etc.

We Will benefit by letting up on the fixation of the use of words as well, and hear, or seek, the meaning behind them so that we can reach out to each other. Rules of conduct need to embrace lack of attack. As long as we live in the world of fabrication there will be projection, so faith in the unseen is a prerequisite to peace and healing.

If we understand that what we put our there comes back to us, because it is the Christ that we are speaking to in each other, we will make the projection kind and loving. Let us teach the young to nurture their inner child, and be the moms and dads to ourselves that we would have liked to have had. When we learn to love ourselves, we will be able to love our neighbor.

I disagree with Abraham Hicks that we did not have any purpose here except to discover what we did not want, although if you think about it well, you just might find that this lines up very well with what I am saying about Christ being at the backbone of what we experience. Once we help him let go of the error, we will all be free to enjoy the abundance that we have created in that escrow they speak of.

We each came to earth with a theme lesson to learn and take back or rather give back to Christ and that is that this sorrow, shame, and torment are not a part of who we truly are, nor was it ever possible. Each of these lessons puts wonderful things in escrow for when we return to Father, I agree.

And that does not have to be after we die! We can return to His presence (or rather, the witness of it) right here and now. As can our friends in spirit do in the place where they are. There will indeed be an incredible celebration when we return whether it is in the realm of the physical or in spirit! We are all capable of and needed to participate in the deliverance of Christ!



About Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

There was a time when I thought that I spoke out from a minute corner of the world. Speaking about the shadows and darkness I found myself in. Then there was a time when I thought that I shouted with the fury of a mother pleading for help to protect her babes. There came a time of introspection and circumstance that had me realizing that I must reach out for myself...if I was to help those I felt I had been sent here to guide...meaning my children, or so I thought. The time has now come where I understand that I speak literally for all creation in all time and all dimensions and all thoughts, past present and future. This would apply to earth and its substance but in no way would be limited to this planet or even this galaxy. What I have to share is for all creation. ALL, THE WHOLE OF CREATION, IN ITS ENTIRE CIRCUMFERENCE OUT FROM GOD AND BACK ROUND TO HIM AND BEYOND!
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