Chapter Six
Summary of the Reading
“A card reading should tell a story.” Radleigh Valentine.
Let’s take a look at this story.

The many in the One want to establish independent, healthy boundaries while at the same time understanding that they are united, carrying the DNA of their Father, Christ and His Father God.

Restoration of peace requires seeing the big picture, which can only be seen as one flies high above the present circumstance and limitations and acknowledges their connection to Spirit and the realm of the angels and of all creation.

Much of what we experience here is a fabrication; it is not real, only imagined. Open, honest communication with prayerful and thoughtful communication and meditation will be required to bring us back to the remembrance of our true sel(f)ves.

What we call life seems to be without real understanding, and suffering and death appear to be a true part of it. The Mystery invites you to exercise faith and trust and go inside yourself to find the truth, the way, and the life.

Joy is the outcome of your quest. Joy in the journey to find God and joy along the way until all have found joy and you are taken into the bosom of God once again where both you and He will know the fullness of Joy.

It is like everything was spelt out for me. My whole message in a very simple form. Sadly, for mankind, we must have complexity. It seems that the simple frightens us. And viewing the world from a higher vista can be lonely in a lot of ways. It can be tremendously rewarding and full, as well, if one takes the good and leaves behind the bad.

Others look at you as the strong one because you have gone through so much and when you face a mortal blow, like the death of a child, they do not know how to buoy you up.

There was no one who could give me a shoulder to lean on. I sat on the floor where I had fallen in a clump of tears as a poem accepting death was read at the close of the memorial prayer service for my daughter. They made sure they played no music I knew the words to because if they had I would have been singing to it. Perhaps “she” was afraid I would have stolen the show. And rightly so because I would not have cared who saw or heard. Music has been a comfort companion to me throughout my life.

The day of the funeral, after a very public confrontation with many of my family members, I left them to have the celebration of her life according to their wishes. I walked stocking footed and sat by a creek that ran through town. I could not tell them where I was when they went to the grave site, so I did not go with them. Instead, I called a woman I had not spoken to in two years and we talked for forty-five minutes or however long it took for them to conclude the service. Then I looked around and found a way to tell where I was so I could be picked up.

I bear witness that Spirit buoys you up and allows you to keep on walking. There is something else for you to do; no matter how hard the blow appears to be you have been called to endure. You might ask why I am sharing such poignantly personal moments with you. That is a fair question. It is to remind you, it is not me that I want you to consider. It is the principle and concept of which I am speaking. I will state again the Eagle flies above the storm, we likewise are able to rise above our circumstance. Each of us, not just a chosen few, for we are all of The Son of God.


My understanding of life at this time is what this book is about. Here are some key beliefs: Mankind is the manifestation of the Son of God, Christ. Space and time are man’s sphere, not God’s.

This is the playground of the psyche of Christ to experience diverse false realities and we are the puppeteers for His manifestation.

We work with Spirit to bring about God’s will (the Father of Christ), which is complete reconciliation and remembering the Oneness of the Whole; Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, We, being the Son.

I do not believe in one all-consuming love in the flesh for the masses. Our connections are too real, we are One.

Finding that true love is just one of the incredible manifestations of separation that Christ has us play out.

However, love is love and should never be thought to be wasted, in whatever form. It is to soften the blows and ease the trauma of the sense of separation. It is the root of all kindness and the remembering. Jealousy is aroused when we consider ourselves not One Whole. And yes, our jealous God is none other than our sleeping Christ.

Think of TeKa in the Disney show Moana. The heart that is missing in us is Christ’s knowing He is with His Father in every way.

While that thought remains He will wreak havoc on all He imagines. This is the influence that we are under.

Instead of one restoring the heart of Tafiti, we each have that capacity and this is how we are saviors one to another as we forgive and declare that we truly know who each other is as a Child of God.

A Course In Miracles says that it takes only one to get this rolling and if that is true I declare it will begin with me or at least I will be part of the awakening.

Again, it will not be complete until each of us knows who we are and our innocence.

I believe as we come to understand who and what we are, we will be allowed to calm the ego and come into the world with gentler objectives in life.

We would be wise to get over the fixation of the use of words and listen to hear the meaning behind them so that we can reach out to each other, as well as protecting ourselves from harm by those with the smiles on their faces.

Rules of conduct, taught to all, need to embrace a lack of attack and projection.

This is worth repeating: Rules of conduct taught to all, need to embrace a lack of attack and projection.

Awareness of who we truly are as true creators of abundance, joy, and peace as we navigate our imaginations, will deliver us free from the effects of our misunderstanding.

Let us nurture our inner child, and be the moms and dads to ourselves that we would have liked to have had.

When we learn to love ourselves we will be able to love our neighbor.

To force us to do it with rules and regulations leads to a false identity and interaction, hence the illusion and hologram of suffering we live in currently.

Had I remained an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I do not believe I would ever have learned what I understand today because of the restrictions, fears, and prejudices that I would have been carrying and did for a long time.

We want to remember that the Apostles were and are “General Authorities” and do not have the authority to guide every moment and decision in your life.

I believe that they have done a great deal to hold civilization together as a whole for a very long time, especially through the industrial age.

Industry and management have been key throughout its existence.

Affirmations will be something that people may use to release themselves from habits not pertaining to what they are as Children of God once that is understood cognitively.

Before that, affirmations help us endure the illusion and do not set us entirely free.

I love Louise L. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, has been a companion of mine for maybe over 20 years, long before I accepted the acceptability of same-sex relationships because it gave me a clue to what people may be thinking internally by the illness they manifested. I have not found it to be off. So I do believe they are a marvellous tool for knowing ourselves and those we perceive around us in this place of illusion.

Tapping for neurological release from fears and past traumas are tools as well. I have seen this work in my own life to unlock the fears and phobias I have held while in this world. Nick Ortner, of The Tapping Solution, teaches it well and has many free examples of the tapping that can be life-changing.

Energy Medicine that is taught by Donna Eden and David Feinstein are examples of gifts for both the body and the psyche that will continue to be poured out by the Spirit as we come to understand who we are.

There are many more examples of gifts to humanity to help them let go of the ego “master”.

The point is that each of us is a representation of God, of divinity in its fullness.

At best the environment we have given ourselves at the moment is a hologram. A composite of the original where all the components of the original go into all the other extensions.

We, each being a component or manifestation of Christ, (who is a composite of all that His Father is) has all that Christ has though the sum or Whole of Us and we are greater recognized as a whole than as individuals.

Thus, when we finally are able to speak the same language, nothing will be out of our reach.

Those who are on the leading edge of understanding may/will go through some excruciating psychological struggle as we “see” so clearly the suffering all around us and feel at a loss to bring any comfort.

What we want to remember is the joy and love that we know is the only truth. I find when things get the darkest that I must call out from the depths of my soul not for Christ, but to Christ, “I forgive you, Christ. I know this is not real because only God and His Love have true existence. I love you, Christ and I will be here for you. Father, send those angels that I need and give me strength.

This is something that will take time, and yet when concluded it will seem as if it took no time at all, which in fact it did not.

This is very difficult for the human mind to wrap around in our linear way of thinking and yet it does not negate it.

When the recognition that all that we have experienced since time began is a fragment of our collective and individual imagination dawns on us, joy is all that can be left in its wake.

When we set Christ free, through absolute forgiveness, knowing what He and We have thought occurred in this world of sorrow is impossible, we will know the true meaning of joy.

Rejoicing in that which was once lost and embracing the delights of being, in full freedom of conscience, knowing that all of us have the power and ability to be to our fullest potential in God’s Love.


The summary of the reading again is as follows:

Remembering that we are, in fact, The Christ.
(The situation./The Cat) We are many and we are one, with gifts to meet the challenges we have agreed to undertake in this physical world. Live life fully and without attachment.

(Personal ego./The Eagle) We have angels willing to help us along the way, we simply need to remember to ask. Fly high in your walk in life and see the big picture. Stay close to assistance through prayer and meditation. Be sure to listen and follow promptings. (Remember you will never be prompted to take from or harm another in any manner.) Do not forget to live in gratitude for guidance given.

(Whole Christ ego./The Wind Faery) Mind your thoughts. You create your experiences, and the worlds, with them. Be an observer and make decisions thoughtfully, with care and planning.

(Guides direction./The Mystery) Remember that while we are here “life” is an unknown. Plan what you can but be aware that much is laid out before coming here, agreed on by us with great joy, knowing these things (what may seem good or bad) would bless us. Remember that there is a purpose to all of it, though it may not be understood at the moment. We are on the right path.

(Ultimate outcome/Joy) Rejoice in the fact that you are part of something much bigger. Don’t forget to celebrate the moment, the “being”. Be grateful for the present and find the joy there inside of you that knows your value, purpose, and worthiness of all that you are willing to receive.

About Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

There was a time when I thought that I spoke out from a minute corner of the world. Speaking about the shadows and darkness I found myself in. Then there was a time when I thought that I shouted with the fury of a mother pleading for help to protect her babes. There came a time of introspection and circumstance that had me realizing that I must reach out for myself...if I was to help those I felt I had been sent here to guide...meaning my children, or so I thought. The time has now come where I understand that I speak literally for all creation in all time and all dimensions and all thoughts, past present and future. This would apply to earth and its substance but in no way would be limited to this planet or even this galaxy. What I have to share is for all creation. ALL, THE WHOLE OF CREATION, IN ITS ENTIRE CIRCUMFERENCE OUT FROM GOD AND BACK ROUND TO HIM AND BEYOND!
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