Month: September 2018

Thoughts on Lost City of Z

“I watched this 2017 movie twice and feel very reflective. The dedication that this man/couple/family had to a cause is incredible. The dedication they had as a family is really something to ponder. My understanding is that they had a burning desire to see that the native people were not destroyed by the understanding of the finding of a huge civilization before the “known … Read More Thoughts on Lost City of Z

The View From Where I Stand Now

NOW, in the moment, the present, I had defined it in 2014 as No illusion, All-encompassing, the W is to me, an upside down M to bring from heaven Christ’s Millenial Reign that I had been taught throughout my Christian years. I am only now (18 years later) reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This book is adding dimension and confirmation of … Read More The View From Where I Stand Now

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