Month: August 2018

Control Tower, We Have Landed… ;)

When I question if I am in the right place and did I follow the Spirit’s direction I simply need to look out my window at the three trees, double my arm-width, that stand as sentinels and give me courage. My feet step in the soft, plush grasses behind the small parking lot and I feel the breeze and admire the well-kept garden in … Read More Control Tower, We Have Landed… 😉

I Want To Share What Brings Me Joy

I have found something that allows me to be in the world and not be of it. Simply stated it is Christ. Not the cross, the punishment, and the scales of justice that you might envision if you have listened to people who consider themselves Christians or watched Hollywood depictions. I am speaking of Christ, the whole body of humanity, and all that it … Read More I Want To Share What Brings Me Joy

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