Chapter Four

Where power and potential meet the magic of intention.
The Mystery; “It is the sacred place where all things are created but not yet formed.”
The fourth card in the reading represents counsel from the ascended masters, angels, guides, including Jesus and Christ.

“You will understand when you get older.” That was a common statement in my youth. As an adult, I see this as just a way of saying that nobody had any real answers or we basically live in a lose/lose world. Sadly, we think this is life and that is really just not the case. We are of God and God is Love, Abundance, Joy, and Peace. Suffering is not required to understand Him because we are Him, period.

Life may sometimes seem like you are going backwards. It would be easy to look at humanity this way. Especially, now, in 2018. It seems that slavery, now called human trafficking, is alive and well, and so many other challenges and atrocities like the bullying and sexual harassment are being brought to the public eye. Elitism is alive and well, spread across the face of the earth, not just in isolated places. Racism and genderism and all sorts of divisionary “isms” are creating a pandemic of near hysteria in some areas and hearts.

It seems that all that humankind has found to torture itself with is alive and well today. This was prophesied to be the case just before the change or shift in the understanding of mankind due to the arrival of Christ (first or second time depending on if you are Christian or Jew), when His will would be done on the earth. I believe that it is the awakening of our minds to the witness that we are the Christ, individually and as a whole that is the coming that was prophesied.

It used to be that survival was the leap that humankind would make. More recently it is productivity and industry that lifted the quality of living of so many more beyond that even of kings in eras gone by. Recently we have seen the information and connection explosion cover the earth. Now, does that mean that this progress has come with no challenges or that everyone used them to serve their fellow man? No, simply put, no. That does not take away the wonderful advances these opportunities have brought to the masses.

Churches throughout the ages have done their part in establishing forms of governing and management that have blessed the world thus far. Not to mention seeing to the less fortunate. And while no one can dispute the fact that religions have done their share of harm, we are able see the good and hopefully put the rest behind us.

We are capable of creating (in truth re-fabricating) a new emotional, intellectual, and physical environment for humankind. Let us see humanity as one entity; undivided in lifting and preserving the whole. Once humankind thinks as a unit and communicates fluently with each other as equals in their current manifestation there will be nothing that we will not be able to accomplish.

We are entering a phase in evolution that will open the doors of spirituality like nothing else ever has. The veil between the living and dead will be removed and it will be commonplace to speak of those who have gone out of their mortal bodies among us as if they are still very much with us. Insights and guidance from unseen entities will be the norm and people will step “out of the closet” as receivers of information important and pertinent to all.

Some that I have become acquainted with in the past few years are Dr.Elisa Medhus, with her son, Erik at and The New Amendment. These people ride on the shoulders of CA Cacey, Claudia Moore, and Abraham Hicks. Relative newcomers like Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine bring dignity and fun to things seen as forbidden, such as Tarot reading and lifestyles that are not considered the norm. People like Ophrah, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Toole, Louis Hay, and Wayne Dyer open our minds to consider other ways of thinking that are more focused on looking inside than pointing fingers at others and keeping the population in line and manageable.

Energy work combined with psychology are taught with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and her husband’s work in Energy Psychology. Other energy work is becoming mainstream such as Bio-genetics, meditation, brain scanning, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping), are exposing people to the reality of the invisible atom-like energy that swirls and moves through their physical being (much of this has been known and accepted by eastern societies for centuries) and has impact on their emotional and physical well-being.

There are many resources already in place that will help us with the transition into the Christ Consciousness or Christ Awareness. He will be known and acknowledged in general society and His place in our subconscious will be recognized as the saboteur that it is.

As we see Christ in ourselves and each other and forgive the delusion He came with about being separate from God and each other we will be acting as saviors to ourselves and those we interact with.


Prayer and meditation that allows us to be in touch with our higher selves is fundamental to human existence. Tools of communication, including the alphabet, paper, telephone, computers, and Angel Tarot Cards allow us to recognize and honor that connection and hear from one another. It is not just those that we can see here either. It includes those who have passed on or are not in a body at the moment or that have not chosen to take on a body as well.

The We that we truly are is the Whole of the manifestation and imagination of Christ. Channelling is another form of communication. The witness of the Holy Spirit is a form of channelling and this too is a form of communication or communion. Communion=being One.

We are waking the Christ within. We are waking the Christ among us and He will be recognized, heard, and healed. Ted-Talks are a great example of the multitudes having a chance to reveal their insights of the moment to the masses. YouTube and their counter-parts give people the opportunity to share like the kings of old could not even begin to dream of.

Even the President of the US that we have in office today is part of this transition as each of us have been. This is not something that will be done by one individual, it will take many individuals and organizations. The structure has been laid out since the beginning of time, but clarity like in no other time in history is present today. Technology, and the ability to share ideas quickly and across all borders and demographics, is huge as well.


I get the feeling that to use the term Christ when speaking of spiritual things is almost an insult to many. Christ is so associated with Jesus and the legends that have been built up around him that we are not allowed to speak in any other way for fear of having the doors of peoples hearts slammed in our faces and most especially by those who say they follow the traditional organizational establishments of the Christian religion.

You might say that it is my commitment to testify of Christ that I feel puts me in a most confusing place at this time. To speak of Christ is not really okay today even in churches unless you follow the specified protocol. Many have Him so identified with Jesus that they cannot hear the teachings of Jesus that said that we are each a part of Christ. My only absolute is that God Is. Without this, I would be lost.

Most of my life I did not think much about guardian angels or guides. I knew they were there but they were something that I felt I knew too little about and that could get me into trouble. Since I was four years old I knew that Jesus was watching over me and would answer if I spoke to him. Today I am very comfortable with the idea that we have many guides and assistants, according to commitments made prior to our coming here, according to our needs, and according to our alignment with our agreed outline for our walk on the earth.

I do believe that a plan was laid out by us, with Jesus as the head of this sojourn on the earth, primarily because of his being the eldest brother and his willingness to take the role. I believe we assigned helpers to help us get those assignments done that we agreed to. There are many types of angels and I cannot say I have done an extensive study of them, though many have.

A big step is being willing to see that we have help. Then comes the recognition that sometimes they can do nothing unless we ask. The reading of the cards is giving them an open invitation to participate in our lives. I really believe that many of these ascended masters and deceased loved ones have a pretty well-developed sense of humor, often at our expense as well. Let me just say to be careful what you accuse others of or what you wish for. Wink, wink.


I have to be honest and acknowledge my belief that we are all deranged or off balance mentally while we function in this illusive world. Like many, I have my share of enemies and many of them are those who, by the world’s terms, are meant to be close and supportive, because of blood connections.

I personally think these are a special group that agreed to give us the opportunity to experience the most challenge or contrast because that is currently what lifts us as a race. Did Jesus not say that the prophet is not welcome in his own land and among his own people?

Why do I think we are crazy? I believe it is because we are trying to maintain a false idea that life is rational in the way we are given it today. As long as there is a scape goat or a sacrificial lamb we are willing to cast the concept of understanding out the door.

Instead, we fabricate whatever story is convenient for our society and “punish” those who do not yield to that story line. We have created scape goats and sacrificial lambs of all sorts to appease the gods that belong to the idols of our egos (meaning the idol is our ego) because we believe that the body represents who we are. And what threatens it, threatens us.
We will defend it to the death in most cases.

In days past non-conforming individuals were simply set outside the boundaries of social safety and left to die or set up as an example of the punishment received for non-compliance, such as the stockades. It still happens today in your average school room or work place settings.

Today there is a sophisticated form of snobbery and shunning that occurs when we do not see eye to eye. We are told by the latest trends and theories of psychological development to rid ourselves of negative influences in our lives. That council is in the cards I use and religious leaders of our day still preach that message. Stay out of harms way, but separation alone will not correct the problem and I do believe there is a solution.

I truly believe the resolution lies not in separating ourselves but in neutralizing the effects by understanding who and what we are as children of One God that is One Whole.

So the bottom line is…da da dahhhh…I have to step out of this world or at least above all of this and see the big picture. Like the hawk, the owl, or the eagle, if I am to see what I am after I need to soar high above that which I need to address. You and I both know that the teaching that I grew up with is “Keep your feet on the ground!”. “Stop daydreaming!”, “Grow Up!”, and today it is a little more mellow, “That is just the way it is!”, “Get over it!, “Suck it up!”.

At nearly sixty-two years old I want to say, “NO! I will no longer accept that what we think of as normal has anything to do with normalcy; unless you are willing to see it as “normalized insanity”. I think that we, and our children, deserve to live in an awareness of what mankind is capable of being, today, not tomorrow, but right here and now.

Thank goodness for people who dared step out of the box and show people that we are really able to take on a lot more personal responsibility than was thought. It have given us electricity, indoor climate control, the ability to travel, and to learn. We have communication potential in a way that we have not seen before in recorded history.

We have access to well-developed programs of organization. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a tremendous example. Not that they always, individually, carry out the splendid principles their doctrine is based on but the management, industry, and welfare program for those who struggle for a time is renowned.

And the concepts of education and confidence in public performance is truly inspiring. Sadly, I believe, that it too misses the mark of what it truly has in understanding and setting the people on fire with a desire to challenge themselves and lift one another.

If a teaching only inspires or includes those who opt to participate, it is more like the chain letter concept I was referring to and if you do not “make the mark” you are left to feel unworthy and are in fact told that is what you are, unworthy.

Also, if family members do not adhere they will not get blessings either and even lose their place in the family. I see that as another form of shunning and I do not believe it is a legitimate reflection of the Love of God. (P. S. I DO believe the info and ancient plates where given to Joseph Smith Jr. I just do not believe humanity was ready for anything greater than what was given them at the time. Look at how the world received the believers, as well as some took advantage of their knowledge and allowed themselves to be puffed up.)

Extremism in any philosophy simply creates another maze that humanity can never win. When we teach that there is only one way to eat or have a family or dress we set ourselves up to failure, judgment, and condemnation. Even in the field of energy we can get extreme and insist on not purchasing recycled (second-hand) items for fear of the energy of their previous owners and yet recycling is kind to the earth as it helps keep things out of her landfills.

I believe that there are behaviors that are supportive of a good quality of life and that we will be inspired to pursue them individually, as we are ready, but I do not believe that it should be imposed on others. The Spirit will guide us individually in our own correct time to gently alter course and awaken Christ.


I was a sincere, deep student of Christianity in my youth and young adulthood. I became a Mormon at twenty -seven and remained active for thirty-one years. I have currently been a student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) for around four years. (I feel that I need to state here that I have not studied ACIM through other venues or opinions but through the lens of the Christian –Biblical and Mormon– scriptures that I had studied regularly for over thirty-five years.) I have also studied other faiths and philosophies.

There was a time I thought we had no reality and that we were just an hallucination of Christ, but these verses from ACIM tell me that the personal identity we have is real and preserved as a thought of Christ, which is part of the extension of God that began as Christ was created. It is just what is false that will be removed.

ACIM Text Ch5, IV, 8:2 “All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing. 3 I have saved all your kindnesses and every loving thought you ever had. 4 I have purified them from the errors that hid your light, and kept them for you in your own perfect radiance. 5 They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. 6 They came from the Holy Spirit within you, and we know what God creates is eternal.”

While I study all that I can, I do not accept everything as I am in the process. I wait for the witness of the Spirit. It has taken me years to recognize Him in my mind and heart. Now when He confirms or speaks I do not doubt or hesitate. If I ask for confirmation He is willing to give it. I have found sometimes I need to wait for that confirmation and walk in faith being very observant along the way.

On my third time through ACIM I am currently reading about how we are to overlook errors or not see them and in so doing we are doing as the Spirit does and that is bizarre to me. I have long faced this accusation. How dare I acknowledge something is not right! I must be judging them or it!

Yeah, I agree, I judge. I have to judge (decide) if I am awake or not before I get out of bed! And everything that I do thereafter requires judgment. I judge all the time and plan to continue to do so as a conscious being. That judgment helps me decide how I choose to act and think about what I perceive at the moment. It is not something that needs to be locked in stone but it gives me a basis from which to grow and I claim it as a right in being alive.

I suspect that the council to not judge is so that we do not shut down our communication with the Spirit as we walk through this world. We need to be open to the whisperings of the Spirit who can see and hear and remember what we cannot. With this guidance we are able to walk in confidence no matter what the circumstances bring us.

I do not agree with something that Jesus said to Helen in ACIM about overlooking error and not seeing it as is found in ACIM Text Chapter 9, III and IV. I personally believe it was translated incorrectly, Or perhaps my understanding of reading it this time is in err. It seems to suggest that we can meerly overlook errors in our life. This is sheer nonsense.

What we are being asked to do is recognize that Christ made an error when He thought he had separated from God. This leaves us free to forgive all that we perceive in this sphere of dense darkness and gives us room to address what appears to be harmful without judgment on the person from whom it is coming.

In other words, we forgive all before any offense has ever occurred. I do believe that this is the way that babies come into the earth and explains their seeming resilience and ability to bounce back from things. It is not because it does not hurt them but because they know that what they have experienced has no real meaning, intent, or validation on their identity as part of the whole that is loved.

Something that really confuses us here on earth is the linear appearance of things and the seeming appearance of separation being the only means of individual identity. In the concept of wholeness, without time or space there is no concern of identity.

Those who have been channeled are cognoscente of their presence in all places and dimensions and yet are able to maintain their identity with us as they desire and place their focus. (Now, I do know that there are charlatans out there. I also believe there are true teachings to be found. This is one place the guidance of the Spirit comes in so strongly. As it does in all communication from my experience.)

What has been removed from our awareness of our full capacities here on earth was agreed to because of the value that would be found in doing so. I have always needed the Spirit to translate and guide me in all I do. If I do this I do not fall, when I do not listen to that still small voice, I bump my nose, one way or another.

It is my desire to raise a banner of a different perspective on life that will allow us the ability to enjoy one another and embrace the glory that is part of being of God instead of needing pills to calm our inner voice that screams something is not right here.


One thing I have struggled with in writing this book were the attitudes around me that “no one cares”, “its impossible so why bother”, or “nothing is going to change even if you find the answers”. An awareness of the Divine/Universe/Source/God/Heavenly Father/Chi/Spirit/Energy or whatever you want to call it, that claims that we are progressing and urges us onward is vital in our evolution. ACIM says if only one gets it the tide will shift and I am willing to do my part.

As I reflect on the state of the world as it has developed over the past fifty plus years it is easy to see Divine Intervention at work among the children of men even while allowing humankind to develop at their own pace and persuasion.

While preparing this book I was led to delve deeply into the works of Abraham Hicks, author of The Law of Attraction. This influence can be felt and seen everywhere and is a continuation of the concept of what goes around comes around and Karma, as noted previously. With the adjustment of forgiving the saboteur of our peace here on earth, in other words, by forgiving the erroneous judgment of unworthiness Christ imposed on His creations due to believing He had left the presence of God, we will find a way to communicate freely and manifest that stockpile we have all built up in the Vortex of what it is we do desire.

In summary: The fourth card in the reading is the counsel from ascended masters, angels, and guides; including Jesus and Christ.
The Mystery, unknowable with our veil of flesh, in its complexity and fullness. Holding sacred the true power and potential of all that is, individually or collectively.
The Mystery reminds us of that sacred space where creation and intention are in the process of becoming manifest.

You are each a part of the web of life, weaving in and out of each others lives, consciousness and sub-consciously, creating the identity of the Son of God. Your experiences, and responses to them, create the sacred place where all that is has not as yet manifested. As a being of God you are a creator. Each of us, with all others are creating a most incredible future for the whole. This you may rely on.

Even if it looks like you are going backwards or that humankind as a whole is, nothing could be further from the truth. We are in a divinely created dream state, given to the Son for the purpose of remembering who He Is and the Love of His Father. To embrace the oneness we share with God is our inheritance. Reach inside for the remembrance of your divine nature and for the faith that will support you in an upward spiral of understanding and guidance.

About Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

There was a time when I thought that I spoke out from a minute corner of the world. Speaking about the shadows and darkness I found myself in. Then there was a time when I thought that I shouted with the fury of a mother pleading for help to protect her babes. There came a time of introspection and circumstance that had me realizing that I must reach out for myself...if I was to help those I felt I had been sent here to guide...meaning my children, or so I thought. The time has now come where I understand that I speak literally for all creation in all time and all dimensions and all thoughts, past present and future. This would apply to earth and its substance but in no way would be limited to this planet or even this galaxy. What I have to share is for all creation. ALL, THE WHOLE OF CREATION, IN ITS ENTIRE CIRCUMFERENCE OUT FROM GOD AND BACK ROUND TO HIM AND BEYOND!
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