Chapter Three

A well-thought-out strategy is worth the effort.
The Wind Faery: Thoughts, Words, Intellectual Analysis
The third card in the reading is representative of the Whole Christ Ego/Consciousness.

One of the key things I went to the San Diego conference for was to find support or like-minded thinkers. Those who care about the condition of humanity and who might help me establish a board for a non-profit organization. This organization would consider how humanity Christ is the common enemy were understood and corrected.

I just could not get into a comfortable place with anyone. Perhaps it was I who was not ready.

Christ is the creator of this false world; begun at His creation in that micro-second He thought He had separated from His Father. From there all forms of “Thought-Separation” began and were created in spiritual form, to be acted out in a greater fictional fashion, through the material world. This material world simply being a place of “Thought-Darkness”, if you will, where the density of self-deceit is most embraced. There would be so many things to consider and reflect on.

The way we think about who we are is what is responsible for the challenges that we face. Time has devised many forms of understanding the chaos we live in. I do not believe that we have taken the many sacred teachings to heart that teach love and forgiven of ourselves and one another. It only takes one. Jesus began it, but even He was focused on local, definitive issues, not the whole prerogative of mankind. And He really was not allowed to speak after he was put on the cross. Not from a place still in the flesh.

Today our world is global. We can be aware of so many at the same time. The diversity of illusion and confusion has no end. We cannot find peace in this world only by reconciling what is here. We must be willing to reach out beyond ourselves and our traditions and circumstances and embrace the Whole Christ. None can be omitted or the cause has been compromised. No past errors, views of insurmountable differences, lusts, or blame will allow this to manifest.

We each have within us the ability to set Christ free and give Him back His kingdom; where His true will is manifest as a cooperative whole. This would alter all of our primary social functions, if not everything about life as we know it; i.e. schooling, parenting, commerce, business, etc.

I am not suggesting an organization to lay out rules and regulations or one that would define behaviors or teach us what to do or how to think. There are plenty of those upon the earth right now. It would be a small group to begin a visualization of possibilities and the potential differences in our society if we de-regulate and embrace the Beloved Christ in each of us.

I did not get out my business cards, nor did I really talk to anyone about my foundation. I guess in some ways I froze, didn’t I? “Who wants to talk about Christ? No one will let me.” That was the mentality I was in and that is who I brought into my circle of influence. When I left the conference I had a sore throat and was not feeling well at all. I thought it was because of all the yelling that we had done.

In Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, she says that sore throats indicate that you are “Holding in angry words. Feeling unable to express the self”. I would have to admit that this is where I was. And who had created the challenge? Me! I was thinking it was everyone else, but I can see now that I fabricated that trapped feeling for myself. I need to find a way to turn this around. Louise’s recommendation is to use the affirmation. “I release all restrictions, and I am free to be me.”


Thoughts create the reality we will experience. And yes, we came into the world with thoughts. We created this in its entirety spiritually before it became physical. It was the thought of The Son that fabricated all that we are able to experience today. Why do I say fabricated? Because this thought was with doubt and lack of understanding. We were spun into a state of time to allow us to correct the illusion, to correct the thought that He had separated from God.

True creation does not have the ability to corrode and decay, as this life is prone to do, it simply holds its truth of being. We have the opportunity to become true creators as we become children. A Course In Miracles states it is a gentler dream that we are leading Christ into. Like we used to do in kindergarten, let’s pretend, and give ourselves a happy forever.

Christ is the brain at the center of the “Matrix” because it is He who sleeps or dreams the nightmare of having separated from God. Christ as a Whole was freed instantaneously at His creation. It is those He created or the many parts of Him, that received His doubt in our psychological make-up that need to turn this all around.

The doubt is the part of Christ that will live in us until we practice complete forgiveness and gratitude. I am not talking about just forgiving each other or ourselves, but forgiving Christ for having had the thought of separation in the first place.

The concept of separation is without meaning, as is all the painful trauma that has evolved since. It is a dream from which we will awake. Even though it will not be complete until all recognize this truth, we can shorten the pain and suffering in time. When all accept their place in the Whole. Christ will fully return or be restored to His rightful place in our complete United-Consciousness.

Belief in separation is what will self-sabotage all of the self-talk work, Law of Attraction work, prayer, fasting and planning for peace, that we do. Nothing is separate from God. He is omnipotent. He is ALL there is.

If Christ is the brain of the “Matrix”, then ego is “Mr Smith”, the protaganist, and his counterparts. The ego makes sure that Christ’s belief that he’d separated from God and deserved to die is protected and preserved.

The ego is what self-sabotaged me at the seminar. The ego that said what I had to share would not be accepted here or anywhere. Or maybe it was the ego that just demanded that it be done in my time and my way?!

All communication is double meaning and self-destructive because it holds us accountable to the idea of separateness. Everything that is in this fabricated space and time we live in has the DNA of death and annihilation with the human ego as the defender of the fabrication.

I believe the ego is also the restorer of truth and “the awakener” of Christ to His to place in God’s Love. I believe the ego may be calmed and tamed. The ability to analyse and think about one’s thoughts and words and their potential impact and influence is critical to calming the ego and giving each of us our true purpose or goal and that is to awaken Christ to the love of His Father.


I just watched Postcards From the Edge from the semi-autobiographical novel by Carrie Fisher. I also watched a short YouTube interview with Carrie, where she claimed the movie did not reflect her relationship with her mother and yet, I sensed that at different points the energy was there or at least felt by others, even if the two of them did not acknowledge it. I especially liked the phrase “war buddies”, it really seems to fit what I am talking about in this fabrication that we live. Why are we willing to settle for war buddies as humanity’s peak example of unitedness?

Being talked over and discounted as a human by nearly everyone is so real in this world. Pride and Prejudice showed us a similar reality. How odd it is to be having a conversation with someone and know that they are having quite the discussion and have no need or desire for input from you at all. This is very typical in human conversation that I have observed, at least once we have grown up enough to define the protocol of our reality.

Children on the playground are still very much prey to bullies because they have not gotten those “social” skills yet. Bullying is seen creeping into older ages now with greater force as high-level autism is acknowledged and awareness of “social skill” blocks are seen. Words hurt or heal for they come from the heart and reflect fabrication or light. This is not something that affects only one age or culture or any other singular type of being.

We seem to have so many places to put blame and fault, but we rarely look at the true source of our existence here. I believe the source is where we will find both the cause of the disease and the cure. Abraham Hicks speaks of Source and I like that. If I understood correctly, they did it to not encourage our automatic assumptions when we think of God.

Do not throw Him altogether though, please. Agnostics and atheists, I suggest it is only the idea of putting a personality to God that agrivates your sensitivities and I can truly appreciate that. Pronouns have been the  baine (archaic; something, typically poison, that causes death) of humanity in knowing themselves.

A friend said, “My story would have to be one of faith. I discovered I was my own worst enemy. I had to give it all over to God.” Doesn’t that make sense? I would add that we are able to see that God, meaning Christ, in the doubting mind gave us the ability to appear to fall or fail, and when we look to Him in faith and see Him in ourselves, we will have the capacity to choose to receive the Love of the Father of Christ and claim Christ’s innocence and perfection.

Perfection does not mean that we will not make mistakes or not have the ability to grow. We will make mistakes and we do have the ability to grow into the light of awareness that we are, in fact, The Christ, The literal Son of God, worthy of all the benefits and blessings that The Father would pour out on Us/His Son.


One of the significant things that I learned on my west coast trip was that there are people who are willing to help. We often just need to ask for it and then we need to let them do so. Indeed, the trip would have been impossible if this had not been the case.

I was relying on OnStar to get me from my hotel to the five-star hotel where the seminar was being held. Being anxious to get on the road I drove out before I had gotten a proper connection to OnStar. I decided to turn around in one of the parking lots of another hotel and expected I would be connected momentarily. There were still issues with the signal from the vehicle and since the turn on to the highway was just ahead I felt I needed to turn again to get time to be connected.

It just so happened that I did not turn into a parking lot this time but onto a pavement that led to a gated empty lot. It was strewn with various small pieces of debris which probably also consisted of the nail or screw or whatever it was that gave me a flat tire by the time I had truly gotten on to the highway.

Thankfully, I was able to pull over to an exit, however, the traffic there is continual and this was still early morning so it was constant. I connected with OnStar and they called for assistance from highway help and also called a person to change my tire. The exit I had pulled over to had a curb on it so I could only get over so far.

The person who works with the police on highway emergencies was the first to arrive. He said that this was a very dangerous spot to change a tire and the tire that needed to be changed just happened to be the one on my driver’s side and the person changing the tire would be exposed to the on-coming traffic.

He made a call and confirmed with his supervisors that he could wait for the person who was to change the tire so that he could alert the traffic to the situation and help prevent a further tragedy with this incident. Everything was managed quickly and I was soon on the road to my seminar with a grateful heart.

I believe that there were many helpers in this situation. Both seen and those not seen. I believe the timing of all that occurred was so that I could have this undeniable experience. I received a personal witness that there were those, among the seen and the not seen, that would come to my assistance if I sent out the request. And this with no questions asked about my religion, sexual persuasion, education, financial resources, or any of the other demographics that mankind has come up with to categorize and separate us. These were people on a job, yes. They had an agreed on service attitude that I believe we would have if we understood who we are.

Children can be taught of the Oneness, without losing their identity and uniqueness that we so need as a society to be productive and growing. This would be the creation, a choice to walk in the light, and not fabrication and manipulation. Today we teach our children that to unite is to become blind followers of nonsensical behaviors, thus movies like The Lottery are shown to my third-grade class where a son and father are willing to stone their mother and wife to ensure a good of the harvest. This, to me, is heartbreaking.

I choose to really see my experiences and take them to be personal education from Spirit. This is really all that I want to see anymore; His instruction. I do not see people and circumstances that I can judge against my set of standards, but silhouettes of teaching opportunities for me to understand what life could really be if we lived it as God intended.

I live knowing that there are no coincidences. There are no wasted happenings in God, nor in the Whole Christ. I also know that I matter to Him and that He will allow those things to be in my life that will get my attention to the things that I am so desperately trying to learn and understand.

When we decide to work as a whole for the individual of the self (Christ) that we are, we will be able to have each other’s back and forget our differences. We will rejoice and embrace differences in food, looks, talents as a witness of our own life and vitality; instead of our guilt, shame, stupidity, and unworthiness.


Divide and conquer. What do we divide? How do we divide? By our thoughts, by being elitist. This is always the way. I believe that we would do well to teach the children and ourselves to believe the divine is talking to us, individually and collectively, through the experiences we are each having. Even if we do not teach it, I believe it is so and many faiths would uphold this belief.

By age eight and nine we are taught to fear all the world and give up our divinity and power. It is the age of baptism for Mormons and when the reptilian brain has completed its formation. It is said that this is when the dark side can have an effect on the child whereas before this age they are innocent. Those who educate us know the change that takes place. This is when the human being puts itself at the mercy of the laws of the ego and no longer relaxed in the trust that they are taken care of by a higher power.

My third-grade class was shown The Lottery in third grade, as I mentioned. This taught me that a child and husband could stone a wife and mother and consider it commonplace or a blessing. We do not have to destroy the family to have unity in a community. Yet that is what we have been trying to teach for some time.

That is really propaganda teaching, isn’t it? Here in our “free” Western society. Capitalism and the educated take it upon themselves to decide for us what is acceptable. Prayer is not allowed in school because there is already a religion and train of thought that is being taught. Prayer would individualize and empower the student, as well as unify him in reaching out to something higher than himself for the benefit of all.

Capitalism, as we have it today, needs us to consider only appeasing the body and its senses. This makes us willing to work on behalf of the gain of the producers of products and services that they have taught us we need. In fact, we go to college to learn to create the need for the people to purchase a product they would not have before. Makes you wonder how or why the water got so polluted, doesn’t it? How far will we go to create the need?

As free as we think that we are, what we are is very subjected to the whim and will of those with the power, money, and influence to feed their propaganda to us so that we fill their insatiable ego addictions of power, money, and influence. Yes, I will acknowledge that there seems to be freedom of thinking, but this is carefully watched and monitored so it is given just enough credibility to not bring us out of our stupor of controlled biases and manipulations.

I am not saying “Yay” capitalism or “Yay” socialism. What I am saying is, I believe it is possible to unite in this sphere with a common enemy and in recognizing that enemy and setting him free we will be able to free ourselves from self-induced oppressions that we are. Bear in mind, this is more than just a blending of two ideas it is a relinquishing of each and creating a new perspective that sees each part as a whole and the whole as each of its parts.

Recently, a child who was to turn nine in four days told me she feels sorry for her fourteen-year-old cousin because if they do not get enough people to go to war they could draw names for it and he might have to go to war. Sadly, she started the conversation with, “We are going to war.” I told her that is why I do the work that I do so that someday, maybe we will not have wars. I believe that is a possibility. I truly do! This is what my faith in God and in mankind gives me.

Where was the sense of connection in the people who heard the woman in New York yelling as she pounded on door after door, stabbed twenty-one or so times, while they heard her yelling for help and yet no one came to her aid or even called the police? Where was the sense of community to help calm the toddler in the boy’s arms as he was taken from the mall before his child-kidnapper placed him on the railroad tracks? We can change these circumstances if we will recognize what happens to one happens to all, to me.

There are heroes who stayed in freezing water to see that others got out when the plane crashed, not to mention the many who gave their all to save so many from the Holocaust or other atrocities, like the genocide in Rwanda. Yet, everyday bullies are observed and not responded to because we have built a society of separateness that puts us at the mercy of the bully if we do not keep our mouths shut.

Each one of these persons is me. Each of these persons, in each scenario, is part of the body of Christ and thus a part of me. What can I do to honor them, bless them, show them they are of God? Do I remember their trauma? Do I lock them into forgetfulness or hold their trauma up for all to see? Is this how I flood them with God’s love? Why not lay the blame where it belongs? At the feet of Christ; The Father of this World. The creator of all things sour, shameful, sorrowful, destructive, unworthy, and false. Then, and only then will I be able to see how silly this all is, how futile and nonsensical, quite like the place Alice in Wonderland visited. An impossibility really, except in the delusional nightmares of a god.


The evening, on the final day of the event I attended, saw the horror of the shooting at the Los Vegas concert. The highways of Los Vegas were very different when I came back to the Midwest, the Strip was closed. The huge neon signs posted condolences to the family and thanks to the EMT’s. I would like to acknowledge the devastation of it, especially to the families and the surrounding communities. I offer my condolences to the families and the world at large. I want to review some of the coverage of the event, but not the news. I want to discuss some of the changelings that were done.

I have been a fan of Erik and follower of Channeling Erik for some time now. I read the first five years of archives and watched several of her videos. I have reviewed the first interview with Jesus, in which Quinton Crisp also was present, several times now and still learn more each time I view it.

I must say that I find Dr Medhus’ ease with highly emotional and sometimes very sensitive issues to be startling but overall I respect that she is doing is what she feels is best for herself, her son, and the world at large really. I have gained a lot of insight from ChannelingErik and this is where I really had confirmation that we will not be given answers that we are not willing to receive, no matter how directly we ask the question, as pertains to the human condition and where it is going. We simply will not hear it. (I have two books planned on the topic or Channeling Erik and feel Eric saying, “Let’s get with it then! Ha, ha!)

When I saw that Dr Medhus, Erik’s mother, interviewed the person responsible for the Los Vegas shootings, I felt impressed to watch it. Her video has over 89,000 views as of the 17th of July 2018. She said that she did the interview on the anniversary of the day her son took his life so it had special meaning to her, I suspect.

She is a very courageous mother and still incredibly wounded. I admire her greatly and owe her a debt of gratitude for it was her site that comforted me to some degree when I lost my daughter and I do believe that it was my daughter and Erik that brought me to her site.

Before I review this let me add that what we consider to be difficult and challenging in this life may be what God, The Father, is allowing us to seem to experience so that we may put away into escrow (or a reserve, as taught in the Law of Attraction concepts) that which we truly desire. We will, when we are ready, have all that we have longed for and “learned” to value from our walk here in the illusion.

This is in line with the idea that we have a loving and benevolent Father, meaning the Father of Christ and nothing is wasted or in vain.
Dr. Medhus’ interview was aired on the tenth of October 2017. I viewed it on the second of November. Erik and the medium both said that they were willing to do the interview because it would bring information that would be educational. Education brings enlightenment to those who are willing to incorporate a broader perspective. I know that what I heard gave greater meaning to my work and added an urgency to it for me when he said that this was done to bring attention to mental illness.

A Course In Miracles says that we are functioning in an insane reality with the ego and as such we are going to be walking, living, and rearing our families among those who are mentally ill. I have seen first hand on numerous occasions what occurs in facilities for mental health and I do not believe that we do have this taken care of.

We treat mental illness as we do unruly children and give out drugs if distracting practices do not work. We are all in a state of just surviving. No one is to blame it is just the state of affairs of the world.

You cannot correct a situation until you are willing to address the core of the problem. This is a simple reality seen in repentance or change of any form. Nothing will change until the reality of “what is” is recognized and not excused or brushed aside as inconsequential. Justification is not a viable excuse either. Mankind needs and deserves to have another answer. They need a scapegoat.

They have one and I am telling you that it is Christ. He was set up in the very beginning by His Father, for He is the instigator of this that we call life. He is the Savior, because it is His hallucinatory state that has bought us to this position. I say this with great reverence and respect. He is also the creator of our eternal “beingness” making us creators like unto himself and his Father.

This is what Jesus, Buddha, and so many others have been trying to get us to understand. If we hold on to this life and its insanity there will not be resolution and God will not intervene because He knows it is just a nightmare that His Son will wake up from someday, but for you and me it is very real and devastating and we do not have to continue in it if we are willing to wake up to where we are and who we truly are as saviors one to another and unto Christ, as a Whole. The choice to move beyond this cycle of suffering is ours to make.


There are so many things that I could address about this interview. What I wish to focus on is his statement that the timing was key to what he did and that he wanted to give attention to mental illness. Also, that our children are not raised on love or in an awareness of love or connection and that this will continue to lead to more and more violent outbursts and loss of life, not to mention the simple loss of spirit and joy that man should be embracing in this place we see as life.

For me the timing was powerful as it was the night of the final day of our seminar. Also, I would pass through their midway on my journey home. As I said, I do not see anything as coincidental or wasted. Every such outburst causes my innards to scream “Tell them what you know!”.

This world of confusion will not resolve mental illness. It is like the MLM (multi-level marketing and the chain letter. The best it can give us is a place where very few will “hit the jackpot”, many more will be strung along on the hope of winning and others will just not try.

There are answers and hope as we move out of this existence and create a new one where we know that we are one entity and we live and thrive in that knowledge. What happens to one, perceptually or actually, effects the whole and is, in fact, experienced by the whole.

Each of us has the ability to consider these things logically, realistically, and yes, with faith and hope in the possibility, mind you, only the possibility is required…that humankind is worthy of God’s Love as the Son of God.


There are a lot of philosophies that teach that the way to get along in the world is detachment. Detachment is a good thing, but you want to detach from the right things, without losing your connection to the Whole; where love, peace, and joy are found. What do we want to detach from? From false beliefs, such as, that we can push people away or get them out of our lives and be untouched by them or their influence.

For instance, here is a list ten toxic people from an online article that claims they should be avoided at all costs:

The Arrogant

The Judgmental

The Twisted = out to hurt

The Dementor = highly negative

The Manipulator

The Envious

The Self-absorbed

The Victim

The Temperamental=no control over emotions, they project, use you as an “emotional toilet”

The Gossips

The article claims that “their behavior is irrational and goes against reason”. I am afraid this sums up humanity as a whole as it stands today and quite frankly, it is impossible for a part to remove itself from the whole, except in a delusional or unreal way. Now, am I saying that I want all these behaviors and their effects? No, I am just saying we need to take responsibility for them and figure out what is at the core of this dichotomy.

Keep yourself safe, while understanding that safety begins in our minds with the understanding that they are just mistaken and their behavior is a cry for help. They have forgotten they are part of the Whole and its abundance.

Debbie Ford teaches us to embrace our dark side. If we are One, then we need to embrace those we think are on the dark side and seek to understand the need they have to overtly harm others. Because make no mistake, we all harm ourselves whether we know it or not. We are all on earth to harm ourselves and each other. That was our primary assignment from Christ originally, to prove he had offended God.

We have within us the ability to turn this around to where the pain will eventually evaporate and only the beauty of God’s love will remain.

There are many other beliefs that we need to question. At the core, the question we want to ask is “Does this draw us together as a whole or does it separate, segregate, and attempt to annihilate, shun, or humiliate others or ourselves?”.


Even though we have logic and the simplicity of creation before we choose the strife, guilt, shame, haves, and have-nots, etc. magnifying the separation. Can we not see that either someone has played a cruel joke, or that God’s Love is real and, this is a dream from which we may awaken?

The lost and lonely part of us that feels separated from all that is and ever was is an illusion we can let go of, no matter what things look like right now. Finding a place where we can truly be and be ourselves may seem insurmountable. We must stop protecting the illusion. We must stop defending it and creating our interpretation of a world around it.

The Law of Attraction teaches that these hardships are putting in escrow the opposite. It is building a place where we have, purpose, belonging, and complete love and acceptance. While the memory of the confusion that Christ had at His creation remains unforgiven and forgotten within us we cannot receive all that God wants to bless us with. It is a part of ourselves that needs acknowledgment and forgiveness before we can truly manifest the glory that is our heritage and stop the circle of death we have given ourselves. We can do this one by one!

In summary:

The third card in the reading is representative of the ego of the Whole Christ Ego/Consciousness. In other words, how the reading may affect the Whole.

The Wind Faery has to do with thoughts, words, and intellectual analysis. This is so appropriate for the world where we use communication to literally manifest the fabrication that we live in. My goal is to offer another way to look at what we have been given.

Are we empowering with our thoughts and our words or are we destroying? Most of humanity has the ability to think things through. Are we supporting steps and causes that unite or that separate? As a united consciousness, we can bring about whatever we want.

It is important too, that we believe in ourselves because it will help us believe in others.

How is the mind of society focused? Is drama, mayhem, terrorism, and fear the only thing that mankind can come up with?! We can come up with another way! Jesus said a man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out from the mouth of God. And guess what! That is you and me!

When love is truly manifested in the world we will recognize who we are and we will see others in their true form, as well as seeing the costumes or roles they choose to play for Christ as he delusions about what it might be like to be separate from God. We will be able to speak openly of things that hurt so that we may bring it into the light and be absolved in the Truth.

This key is actually very obviously taught within what is commonly understood as Christian doctrine as well as many other religions and philosophies, including our new age spirituality.

At the same time it is obscure because we have fallen under the hypnotic suggestion that we are soiled, separate, and no longer worthy of God’s Love. It is as though something has been hidden in plain sight.

It is important to remember that we are all in the process of learning. To not recognize that each of us lives in our own world, manifested by how we choose to look at the world is to do ourselves and each other a great disservice. I would suggest that the words on the card (independence and healthy boundaries) suggest that everyone, wherever they are in their understanding of life may be just where they need to be.

That is really hard to take, especially when we are aware of things like the Las Vegas shooting that occurred on October first of this year (2017). It really demands looking at the big picture to feel at peace with this.

We have to stop this hamster wheel. We have the power and ability to fabricate anything we can dream of. Let’s make it something awesome, with abundance for all, instead of stifling and fit for only a few. To borrow a metaphor from Jesus; is it possible for us to feed only our hand and not our foot as we seek to nourish the Whole?

Let’s break down the walls of separation and segregation, the haves and have-nots. Let’s open our minds and lay down our weapons and build a new world, a new kingdom of prosperity, joy, and redemption for all. Let us turn our minds to Christ, forgive Him the transgression that brought suffering and separation into the world. And praise God for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

About Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

There was a time when I thought that I spoke out from a minute corner of the world. Speaking about the shadows and darkness I found myself in. Then there was a time when I thought that I shouted with the fury of a mother pleading for help to protect her babes. There came a time of introspection and circumstance that had me realizing that I must reach out for myself...if I was to help those I felt I had been sent here to guide...meaning my children, or so I thought. The time has now come where I understand that I speak literally for all creation in all time and all dimensions and all thoughts, past present and future. This would apply to earth and its substance but in no way would be limited to this planet or even this galaxy. What I have to share is for all creation. ALL, THE WHOLE OF CREATION, IN ITS ENTIRE CIRCUMFERENCE OUT FROM GOD AND BACK ROUND TO HIM AND BEYOND!
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