Chapter Two

Soar above life and look at the big picture.
The Eagle; Spirit, Integrity, Connection to the Angelic Realm
The second card in the reading is representative of the ego of the one being read for.

So this chapter is going to be about me. I know that speaking about yourself is not the appropriate thing to do in current writing protocols but I am going to not let that keep me from my objective here. And let me state that my view of myself is altering daily. It is odd and yet it seems natural and truer somehow.
I find myself saying “Wow” as I read the cards because they surprise me. I do place my faith in them, inasmuch as I interpret them correctly. I am fairly new at this, but I hope that the “Wow” never leaves, because it is like a charge to my spirit that says “Yes, you are connected to something much bigger than the body you see in the mirror before you”.
The eagle was one of the first cards that I ever saw in this deck and it struck a cord in me that was significant. It came along with the bee and the bee has significance to me; as my name is Debra and its meaning is the bee, with its origin in Israel and Hebrew. Both cards were in my first reading and just touched my heart somehow.
I do feel that I am working with assistance that is unseen. There are many who are helping me put this together. I feel them in different ways at different times. I have a sense of my other “selves”, be they my personal past lives or the witness of the oneness that I have will all that is, or angels and guides, I do not know. I do know that this person in this flesh is not able to claim full authorship to this work. “With the eagle’s help and guidance, you can soar above life to see the larger vista.” This has been vital for me to do the work that I have come here to do and I believe this requires divine help.
With my opportunity to see the states I was once again reminded of the personality traits that come with the different geographical environments that we are raised in. It is like a certain energy is projected onto us from the very ground around us. The mountains make us hearty and daring. The snow and cold make us sturdy and preparers. The ocean makes us in awe of life and willing to live it come what may. These are some of the environments that I have lived in and the attributes of the local culture I have observed.
On returning from California I found some of the fun and courage to step out in life stirred in my soul and I wore hoop earrings for the first time. Little things that can give us a sense of identity and definition. The intention of my writing is not for fortune or fame. I suspect those also come with their share of challenges. The world has taken relationship after relationship from parent to partner from me many times over. I find little comfort in people relationships anymore and know them to be prone to self-destruction, even the seemingly kindest. At the same time, I do bask in the delight of human comforts (safety, shelter, food, etc) and pleasures and consider nature to be a keen source of comfort and strength.
Growing up I had faith and hope that someone or some society out there had a clue what they were talking about and could give me some answers that made sense and worked for everyone. I have yet to find that person or society. That does not mean I have given up on society. My writing should testify of that. When I feel that no one will care about what I have to share I remember that God believes in humanity and its ability to heal, in its own good time.
It seems when humanity comes in the circle it seems I must give up some sense of my own being to participate. Often I am asked to give up my need for fairness and treating others with kindness because people like to find someone in their life that they can project their unhappiness onto. This is very difficult to deal with for an empath, like me, who feels the hurt and rejection that others receive, as well as my own.
I grew up with fair skin and, though my freckles got me teased as a child, in America where I have lived I have been among the privileged. Sometimes, just the overlooked but I have gotten by. I have usually been able to get the job or education that I wanted. Even with that, there is a sense of the glass fun house, because no one has any real guidance or answers for another person that does not lend to taking away our spirit or personal integrity. (And for those who do not agree and think there is peace here but not there, you are living in a fabrication of denial for we are all privy to the same energy system. one lost is all lost. I speak not from me, my ego, but for those who would hold us up to see over the horizon into a better place psychologically.)
I have to say that trying to form words for the context of what I am understanding is difficult. One because of the speed with which new ideas come to me and secondly because I find myself shifting my own perspective and coming out of the world. I find myself wanting to change my vocabulary, taking words and ideas out of my head, as well as, developing new words and symbolism for viewing the world.
Just for clarification let me state that I believe in God. Ops, I know; the book slammed shut, and end of discussion”. But let me clarify that living in this belief and living my life has allowed me to come back full circle to my infant state of mental realization that all the world is me and it was created for me to know myself and to screw me over so bad, that I would have to admit that I am the creator of it all. Well that is my long, and short, story anyway.
I will admit that it is difficult to define or explain what I want to say from a linear, spacial, separated delusional world, but that is what I have given myself and so I work with it. I accept the God that I am and while a small part of that awareness speaks of Him as beyond or outside myself I am finding more and more space in my heart and inner being to embrace Him as me and creator of this illusion.
My history of faith is Christian and I joined the Mormon’s when I was twenty-seven years old. I was active and diligent in my pursuit of repentance and understanding for over thirty years. They still hold a dear place in my heart but I have found their teachings stifling to my own spiritual growth. It is understandable for I believe they hold a significant place in the world to give balance to a very unstable human psyche. I have been a student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) for four years as well.
In my early fifties, after my world had crashed in a blast of mass destruction, I wrote three adult books and four children’s books. They were the culmination of my understanding of the world at that time in my life. They are filled with the words of a seeker of truth from an LDS, Christian, by-the-book mentality, and written with great love and respect for my posterity and the world at large. I also did about four years of a radio show on scriptures and my review of life, shared to a great extent as I had home-taught my children. I have taken a few years sabbatical from that work as I digested the truths I found in ACIM.
I have attempted to find a church home or a people among whom I could work, study, serve, learn, and teach. But I have not been successful. I still have a great desire to serve and share God’s blessings with humanity. I will continue to do so as guided by the Spirit. Currently, I know that I must share what burns within me. I understand that doing so will make room for greater understanding and that brings me great joy, no matter the hardship or duration of this process.
I feel as if I exist in a place not quite on the earth, for here only sorrow and have and have-nots seem to exist. I like the place that I am in. It is not mystical or out-of-body per se. I have asked that I be able to give a testimony from a place of faith rather than visions or other “extra” phenomenon. That being said, I believe in all forms of manifestation, both physical and esoteric. I believe that this which we consider solid and stable as manifested by the five senses is a collectively agreed upon creation of the Son of God and all His diverse manifestations (thoughts/you and me). I do expect that more and more esoteric experiences are on the way to me.
This place I walk in is a place that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have given me to be able to be here with you and still gain understanding in that which is the truth while having the ability to share it with you. It has been given to me over a lifetime of developing a relationship with that which we know as the Godhead, being The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost, which I also see as One, even as You and I. As an Empath the pain that I feel in the world is way too great for me to carry and several years ago I gave it to the Holy Ghost to carry for me. He keeps me mindful of it without allowing it to overwhelm and crush me and my ability to serve humanity here and on the other side of the veil.
I believe in the yin and yang concept of this sphere and that in the latter days the second coming of Christ will be ignited by a female. It makes sense to me, as Jesus brought our attention to who we truly are, which is The Christ, and spoke to us about physical things such as the fact that there is no death. The woman would bring the psychological advancement and recognition that would move us into a more gentle existence and lifestyle toward ourselves and others. Her mantra will go to past generations and those yet to come, as well as include her own generation. Her mantra will be forgiveness and gratitude. I may or may not be that individual ego persona but I will give my all to it and pave the way for another if that need be.
Forgiveness and gratitude are the two components that will detonate the atomic bomb that Einstein was looking for when he was looking for the formula to make people fall in love. The difference that will give her words power is that she will bring Christ to the forefront of humanities attention in a way that he has never been there before. She will have the ability to get people to give Christ the focused attention of forgiveness and gratitude.
This will be a woman who has forgiven herself some of the saddest and offensive of sins to mankind, at least for her gender; she will forgive herself of sexual sin. Her testimony will be so strong and so simple that it will resonate with others. They will be drawn to her truth like a magnet. It will be unresistable because that which is in each of Christ’s creations will feel the impact of the truthfulness of her message. It may be well after my death that the results are seen but to put out the word is the first step.
Because of the pain and cries of humanity that she would experience as an empath, she would be lifted by the Spirit above societal norms. She would have to be intelligent without having been transfixed, addicted to, or mesmerized by the societal culture of clout, name, fame, education, or position. This would require time in the world to experience these things and develop strength through faith in that which is not seen here. It would require the strength of character and experience to understand what the world has to offer and choose something better.
She would have to be an individual who was intelligent and a self-starter. A basic requirement would be that she able to control her self-talk and understand the challenge that this may bring so that she would have compassion toward those she seeks to influence. It would have to take self-talk clearing well below a surface level. Affirmations, EFT, NLP all are available for her to change bad tapes developed in the youth and formative years.
She would be experienced in walking the walk of sacred teachings and willing to prove herself to meet this challenge. The muscles she would need to develop would be found in challenges of relationship, mental, emotional, and cultural, with an understanding of basic financial matters.
A Course In Miracles (ACIM), which I affectionately call “the blue book”, teaches if only one person gets the meaning of these teachings and lives it literally, they would not have to speak to anyone, but just by being in the world he would begin the catalyst that would transmit that ripple around the world and cause the shift that humanity is so desperately calling out for. I can do no less than to strive to be this individual. It would not be one true personality but lifetimes and multitudes of manifestations that have led to a point where the vortex lined up the types of experiences and witnesses that would create such an individual manifestation from Christ, under the direction of His eldest, Jesus.
To me, Jesus is my big brother and advocate with the Holy Spirit and Christ. I no longer consider him my advocate to The Father of Christ, who I call God, though he is the leader of the atonement. Jesus has indeed been my guide to remembering God, but my connection with The Father of Christ is unquestionable and complete even though I may have forgotten that for a time.
And yes, I still do occasionally, as I get caught up in the ego and forget my maker, though this happens on rarer occasions now. I do not feel as if I am my emotions or even that my actions or words need to confess this separation. This is because I do believe that I am on an ordained path that was determined before I got here, though I still have an influence on what comes to pass.
I am of God. There is nothing that alters that. It is so for all creation. We are all and each God. We are one with Him, as Jesus was and is. That which appears to be dark, or troublesome or contrast is simply part of the beautiful orchestration of the witness of God’s love for His Son and the fact that He will not wake him rudely. Every whim that he wishes to experience will be given to him through his manifestations, but they can do no harm to the only truth which is God’s love for him. All the angst, sorrow, and suffering that man believes he has endured is but his nightmare; his, to release to the witness of God’s love for His Son whom he is.
If there is still a question as to why I am reading cards now when my background is of Christian training and belief, I will attempt to explain. I feel it is pertinent to what I am trying to share. It was the death of my daughter, and the spiritual guidance I received before and after her death, that pulled me into a state of seeking that went beyond the Bible and The Book of Mormon. I was well-studied in both; thirty-five times with The Book of Mormon. I sensed there would be greater things that I would need to be aware of if I was to endure the next chapters of my life. Her death gave me the courage to step into that which I had thought of as fearful, and even dangerous, or yes, “Of the Devil”.
Near-death experiences, channelling and its possibilities, as well as advice from those beyond the veil, all of these came into my world, with a force, as I grappled with my daughter’s impending death and the aftermath. My daughter herself was close to that which is not seen and had interest for some time. I have felt her presence and guidance at times since her passing in these areas. It seems like she is saying, “Its ok mom, this will help you understand”.
I dabbled in astrology occasionally for fun because it was a big thing for the family I still kept in touch with. My concern for it was not the validity, but the ability to really understand it, because I do see it as a rather precise science. I was always a seeker of a better understanding of who and what I am and I felt no way qualified to say I had all the answers. The best I could leave my children would be an example of a seeker. Basically, I study and read as guided by the Spirit, and then I take it with a grain of salt and see what the Spirit teaches me as things unfold.
I had always felt that card reading and tea leaf reading of my aunts and grandmothers were somehow wrapped up in the superstition, chemical abuse, and incestual insanity of my place of earthly origin. Messages with double meanings were around me continually it seemed. As a teen, this help from “the other side” was something that I respected enough as truth that I stayed clear of, because I felt a dark side as well, that I wanted no part of. One of the first things I did after my daughter passed was to get a free numerology reading of myself and my children. I think my cousin put up the post on Facebook. The scriptures simply were not enough, I needed something else to chew on. I had faith, but I also needed to be actively growing and my heart knew what that felt like. To be given the scriptures only as others interpret them is stifling to me. If scriptures are real, and I do believe they are, then it means that God speaks to His Children and not just yesterday, today, as well! Through many venues!
The scriptures say you will grow in confidence and that was offensive to so many of my leaders in the church(es). I had to stay under an umbrella of the leadership. I did not fit there any longer. I needed more specific information and so I went to my roots; the cards that had been used by my great-grandmother and that my father misused when he told me my first marriage would end up in divorce after a card reading. This was not something that he had any business in and did not help in my relationship with him or my husband. So; maybe instinctively, may be guided by my daughter, maybe out of desperation to find something to hang on to that could shed a bit of light on the road ahead I looked for answers as I felt guided, by the Spirit and by the Lord.
It was not something I jumped into, but I went prayerfully. Waiting, sometimes months, for the Spirit to continue to say it was okay to check this out. Slow and steady; research and more research. Listen to the Spirit. One step at a time. I do this yet today as I have for many years.
Card reading is a tool with the ability to bring people or the consciousness of Christ together; the living yes, but even more so those that are unseen in this dimension. The cards open the doorway to an opportunity to hear our own voice and the divine within us. This is a huge part of what draws me to them. It is not the me of the ego, but me of the divine. If, I do it from a place of integrity, that is. There are those who will simply know how to work the system and how to use the emotions and appetites of the ego to build or crush others for personal gain. I will not discount a tool because another misuses it.
Basically, I believe, that the whole world and all that is given to me to be aware of, is for my learning, in perfect order and timing according to Heavenly Father’s plan. Therefore things like numerology, card reading, astrology, scripture study, fasting, energy work, study, pondering, prayer, and meditation, etc. tell the divine source and unseen helpers that I am willing to hear, feel, and listen to their guidance. Personally, I do this with Jesus as my chosen lead-companion, because I do feel that there are misguided and confused entities in the spirit world of the unseen, just as there are here in the headlines of the day that testify of the confusion and despair among the children of men. Again, these are all tools to allow me to discern truth from errand to function in an otherwise nonsensical world.
I watched Charlie St. Cloud recently. There is a quote from the film, “At some point, we have to let go”. I do not believe this. There is no letting go. That is the fabrication. We are one, not divided, separated entities. As a mother, I know this with everything I am.
“Why were you saved?”, is another quote from the show that strikes at my heart and gut very big. Why were you saved? Could I have been saved from an attempted suicide, when I felt incapable of giving my children what they needed in this insane world, in 1976 to bring forth what I am trying to bring?
I drew a card, just one (12 November 2017) to see if the angels would give me the answer. I drew the Four of Raphael. Seek other possibilities; something esoteric perhaps,

instead of the fairy tales of my youth and the lies of my adulthood? Look for the magic in life. Magic of a divine nature instead of the mirrors and whistles of so-called life on earth? Be aware of your own emotions. Something tells me YES, I was preserved and allowed to remain here because I would continue to seek the answer and not settle. I would get it and not fall away from fulfilling the measure of it and sending it out into the world.
What we live here tells us what we do not want for ourselves. When we find what offends us, it gives us the opportunity to understand that it is not so, it cannot be, and know that something else is at work.
In summary: The second card in the reading is representative of the ego of the one being read for.
The Eagle symbolizes spirit, integrity, and connection to the angelic realm.
The spiritual world is the real one – the physical world is the dream. The Eagle reminds us to be sure to make conscious contact with the divine, in other words, prayer, or if you are able and practised, communion where you live in the knowledge of the whisper of Spirit.
Choices made with the Eagle or with a view of the bigger picture (which Spirit holds), as you soar above the innuendo and social norms and historical protocol of the place of your mortal birth, are made with integrity. You want to honor your highest self, which is again held safe and sacred by Spirit.
This is how I choose to live my life. I could not ask for any better commendation for the work I feel I have been called to then to have the angels confirm that this is where I walk and where I need to keep myself. I must say it is a drive inside of me that I cannot stop for anyone or anything. I say this not to boast, but because it is my calling, my mission, my life’s purpose.
I no longer find myself getting hung up on exactness of action (i.e. being vegan or church attending) knowing what is right for me will come in time, but I do focus on keeping my mental state connected to the divine guidance of the Spirit because He knows the all about me and what is in my best interest and in the best interest of those I serve/love and will direct me accordingly.
Is it impudent of me to suggest that we each have this calling and must step into this role for ourselves and those we have stewardship over? I do not believe so, for the Sonship is many, not one individual, and more than that, it is the whole of us, each individual intelligence deciding for ourselves to accept the presence of the Love of God in our lives and in the lives of those around us.
When we accept the Love of God for ourselves we are able to witness it in the lives of others around us and offer absolute forgiveness for anything they may offer us that does not appear to encompass that Love.

About Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

There was a time when I thought that I spoke out from a minute corner of the world. Speaking about the shadows and darkness I found myself in. Then there was a time when I thought that I shouted with the fury of a mother pleading for help to protect her babes. There came a time of introspection and circumstance that had me realizing that I must reach out for myself...if I was to help those I felt I had been sent here to guide...meaning my children, or so I thought. The time has now come where I understand that I speak literally for all creation in all time and all dimensions and all thoughts, past present and future. This would apply to earth and its substance but in no way would be limited to this planet or even this galaxy. What I have to share is for all creation. ALL, THE WHOLE OF CREATION, IN ITS ENTIRE CIRCUMFERENCE OUT FROM GOD AND BACK ROUND TO HIM AND BEYOND!
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