Month: June 2018

Washington and Back

I have been a Mormon for a long time. I buy in bulk and stock up on all the necessities. As a 60 plus woman who lives alone, I still hoard, as my daughter mentioned after helping clear my apartment (chuckle), when I went to the state of Washington to be near my mother whom I had been told was dying. I had never … Read More Washington and Back

I Believe It Is Okay To Feel Lost Sometimes

I feel a bit lost. I admit that. Do I stay in Washington state, near my mother and some siblings who have decided my visiting mom is detrimental to her welfare or do I return to the Midwest and focus on my writing while being able to see six of eighteen grandchildren and 1 of 4 great-grandchildren? As a homeless person of the past … Read More I Believe It Is Okay To Feel Lost Sometimes

Homelessness Sucks!

Being homeless sucks! just sayin….. Personally, I do not believe that homelessness is caused by economics, drugs, or such things though I agree that it would seem so on the surface and that you can point to those things in individual cases….. rather, I believe that homelessness is caused by the lack of human engagement…the inability for humanity to see one another, more importantly, … Read More Homelessness Sucks!

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