Month: May 2018

Affirmations: Light/Universal Power

~from Louise Hay ❤ Heart Thoughts cards I let my whole being vibrate with light. I know that the universal power is everywhere, in every person, place, and thing. (See the magic and greet the light which each of us is a part of. ~CAG)  

Angel Reminder

TRUST Reaching out to the Unicorn in life. Do you look for the magic? Do you know it is there, every day? Do you see the fun?

Habits for Maintaining Freedom

I was a Mormon for thirty years. There I developed routine study habits of scripture, prayer, and journal writing. This practice serves me well currently, even though I no longer feel that I can live under the umbrella of that guidance any longer. Moses said “I would be glad if they were all prophets.” and indeed we are. This is no sacred privilege for … Read More Habits for Maintaining Freedom

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