Month: January 2014

Meditation Update…

There are a couple of things that I notice that this intense (Holocync) meditation does for me. One is to challenge my short term memory, which can get me into some difficult spots in the moment of my temporal life, but those things pass and the gains are so significant that the challenge is bearable. Another is to block my emotional reaction to very … Read More Meditation Update…

Going the Extra Mile

I live by the rule of the extra mile. I believe that you must do this as a disciple of Christ. It keeps you in a non-obligatory state to mankind which is the illusion and free to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and serve the true and living God. (See Matthew 5:41 and 3 Nephi 12:41) Matthew 5:41. And whosoever shall … Read More Going the Extra Mile

I Do Not Wish To Disagree, buuuut….

I do not like to disagree with the apostles but I have a perspective that is different from the language that is being spoken of by them at times. It is not that we are at odds in doctrine; it is the manner of expression that distresses me. It has to do with regards to the witness and care giving of the self. I … Read More I Do Not Wish To Disagree, buuuut….

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