Month: November 2013

When Is It Okay To Teach?

I had an interesting question posed recently. When is the time that you begin to teach? When have you learned enough in Heavenly Father’s plan that you are able to teach? May I suggest it is when you desire to continue to truly learn. A principle in the gospel is that what you have will be added unto as you exercise what you have … Read More When Is It Okay To Teach?

Keep the Ultimate Destination in Your Sights

I had the opportunity to look at a business opportunity recently. It sounded promising and I was in hopes that it would be something that I could do. One of the key things that the preliminary introduction to the company included was for you to make a list of six things that you would do or want in your life if money were no … Read More Keep the Ultimate Destination in Your Sights

Jesus was a Follower

Jesus was a Follower. This is an excellent commentary on leadership. Personal leadership and self-mastery is what freedom is all about. Getting others to follow or being someone who is worth following does not take away our freedom but gathers us together into good and virtuous things. I would recommend this blog very highly! I find his entries on leadership very on track with … Read More Jesus was a Follower

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