Month: May 2013

“…Freedom is everybody’s job…”

I had to put this up today: Red Skelton 1969 on the Pledge of Allegiance I grew up in school saying this pledge daily. I am so grateful for this because it helped me establish and focus on all that I hold dear today. I respect and honor every word of this pledge and know that it must be upheld under God if this … Read More “…Freedom is everybody’s job…”

Organizaional Religion Should Not Take Your Personal Values Away

I re-read a statement in a book on leadership that I read a couple months ago. “When someone joins an organization, that organization’s values eventually take precedence over the individuals values.” I believe that this is why people are so afraid of organized religion and it is not found in the gospel of Jesus Christ…it may be found in the culture of the church … Read More Organizaional Religion Should Not Take Your Personal Values Away

Random thoughts on freedom…

verbalizing verbal/emotional abuse….recognizing it and doing something about it…mainly acknowledging it… there is a significant difference in being upset or even disgusted with an event and being disgusted with an individual…it is important to discern this sometimes subtle circumstance and address it…there may be no need to request an apology or that “the right thing be done” but to say this is what I … Read More Random thoughts on freedom…

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